Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4-1-o9 April Fool’s Day

The badest things happen in to a body in the big city I got to tell.
Frieda and I coming down one elevating cars I could see it in/on her face, my Frieda was becoming increasingly furious with me. It wasn’t my fault that windowless car we were in was so crowded. Just the same, a delightfully gorgeous young blond was pressed tightly against me, I naturally leaned closer also. As that elevator landed somebody I didn’t see opened the door to let us all out in front of a whole lot of people wanting to get in it. It was right about then that lovely good smelling blond whirled and near slapped me whiskers off my face, and said, "That will teach you to grab my ass!"
Walking as steadily as I could to leave that evil building, with Frieda’s help holding up my arm, myself totally befuddled, I had to confess, "I didn't touch that woman."
"Of course you didn't," she‘d said. "I did!"
I’d tried taking the brace off my wrist. It worked. It felt so good when it was put on steadying the movements in my hand and wrist. That area is still tender. So, meanwhile I kept the brace close. Just in case I really still needed it. I wore a sock over it all yesterday trying to keep my fingers warm. That was almost good enough while better than nothing.
Ist calf of the 2009 model year.
Bullet’s AI-ed son. You can believe this even after the fact Bullet’s had started a journey to see how them butchers behind the meat counters make baloney. Strangely enough, we haven’t herd from Bullet for something like four years.
I couldn’t handle it. I had to get in the neighborhood computer nerd to untangle and set up my computer as it should have been done months ago. I also got an education on the woks in this thing. The best part this Vista whatever it is incompatible with a lot of software and hardware. It’s two products of each banging heads over what wasn’t or even going to be. And the way this puter was loaded factory, I can’t up or down grade an operating system. Wonderful. For all the amazing wonderments written into Vista I have to put up with what I’ve got. Meanwhile. my cable company owes me some cable features I’m not getting. I’m going to write the software companies demanding my money’s back or solutions as to why their products don’t work plus I’m about to let them know I’m pissed off over their lack of product supporting me over the phone. The same goes for the incompatible scanner/printer sitting here beside me and the puter. I wonder if I can sue them in small claims court. That’d be a gas if one of their’s had to come here to answer my claim. Oh Hell,…… (he he he) I love this shyit!!!!! BGKC


Paula said...

It doesn't have to be April Fools for you to crack a joke. lol

Donna said...

Beautiful calves.

There's a KC blogger I follow simply for his local take on news that makes me think of you, every time I read him. Why, you ask?

Because he puts pictures of scantily-clad ladies on every single entry. If you want to peek in just for the pictures, here's the link: