Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day four….

…..for the cat I saw ah but a few back hairs last Friday. Calling “Della” I get no answer. With Frieda it has been different. Frieda talks her kitty talk to that darn cat and the cat timidly answers Frieda back. But letting neither one of see her? No way. At least she’s eating, drinking well and using her sand box. Her appetite seems to be improving and she is obviously doing her laundry, So I’m assuming she is a clean cat.
Out the door it wasn’t exactly tuxedo weather one way or another. I wore my water tight boots. Neat thing about them if I fill them I won’t loose any water until I empty them sure taking them off. All dressed up and having no place to I went for a leisurely walk around the barn. The leisurely part of the walk is look and occasionally quickly stepping from clump of earth to earth clumps what want to either mush-out from under foot or seemingly risky at no better than to let me sink to far, the found suction trying to keep a boot or two as souvenir’s my having passed so near.
My hick not without peril my keeping my footing and myself up-right I counted nine calves. Somebody had snuck another one into the herd overnight. Having made it once around the barn without a stroke ot heart attack I wasn’t chancing another muddy foot race I may not win, even though I were the only contestant. All ready winded, to old to muster up a second wind, I merely suggested to myself I might go again for a closer look to find who had dropped this ninth calf later. Could be as wet the terrain,, later could be a long time coming.
Shop time early enough to be well ahead every body else’s day’s start, I managed to get a lot done. The front crank seal looking a might less than stellar I greased it good, held the timing cover just so clear of the motor block hand turning in a few five inch guide bolts. While the bolts freed my hands for installations the bolts also held the cover gasket so it be where it belonged everything coming together when the covers own bolts were to be screwed in. This helped my re-drive the front seal on the crankshaft letting the cover to just simply follow along.
The front cover almost completed Tom come walking in. While I let Tom tighten the cover bolts I stooped to re-cleaning the oil pan. Not even started there was an accumulation of sludge in the oil-pan’s bottom after the oil had been drained.
With Tom’s help the oil pan went on easily, as did all the other miscellaneous parts we had had to take off for the split. Putting them back on we soon had gotten to push the to ends together again. About finished with all the wrenching part, it was high time to break for late lunch. I get back I’ll add three fluids and JD should be ready for start.
A sneak peak at poor JD just a few details to add before pushing it all back together….
E-gads! Lunch was so late my Fillis had stopped by on her way home from work. We chatted some she told me she had been photographed working at and the picture published in last Sunday’s Flint Journal. I looked for it not finding it. Maybe in a day or to?
Talking her into spending some time with me we rode an 1850 Ollie around in the mud identifying calves to cows. There’re nine calves out her now. Next we took Cushman down the road to collect soil samples of a recently planted hay field to be checked for what we might broadcast on it to improve crop production. The Cushman’s tricky behavior had me introducing Fillis to one her neighbor’s Juan and Genie. If that weren’t bad enough Cushman insisted on my introducing Fillis to another neighbor. The last stop was Handy’s home. Before we turned truck for home Handy needed ride to druggist’s for prescriptions. I promised I’d be back, dropped my baby girl off at her home. Bro’ and Keith tattooing and tagging calves Bro’ pointed out fence shorted out. Swilling rattlers down changing shoes for boots I fixed fence, changed boots back I was of to pickup Handy for the druggist’s. Written enough I call this day quits. BGKC.

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