Sunday, April 19, 2009

4-19-o9 Temptation only knows how…..

What a mixed up day…. Sitting here I’m asking what I did today for an accurate journal accounting? She says, “Ashes.”
She was right I had gotten the Cushman woken up, unloaded it and brought it up to haul my ash out back. My ash loaded the ladies had given me a break. There’d be no stampede on either our parts racing for the open gate. Them to pass, me to close. They were to far away. About to empty each bucket was a fruitless exercise to attempt it up wind. That was fun each time I had thought I were up wind, I’d tipped the ash bucket, the wind had changed. I was to come back to the house the look of a gray ghost.
After that….. The Cushman took me down to a corner where oodles and oodles of wild flowers grow. Digging those wild flowers roots I brought home three buckets tiger lily's. Once they had their freedom, I’d guess they just naturally followed me home for my kindness. The Tiger Lily’s in the Cushman’s gentle care. I came inside for a filling lunch. While inside I was asking the same question of myself and the internet. Now, is there an easy way, or special tool as Frieda suggests, to make the planting task easier?
Tiger Lily plants sitting outside in emptied ash buckets the Cushman held them close. Well fed I decided to go over to the Crossroads for wild flower seeds, groceries and gasoline. On way home I stopped to confer with my flower expert. She had suggested shovel. Not once but twice. She told me how to sew the wild flower seeds and I came home.
Everything for the house from truck unloaded. I shoveled and stuffed the Lily plant into the ditches earth about a yard apart. Those tubers finished I sewed the wildflower seed as liking using a salt shaker. All I need now is rain. Then wait and see what develops…… BGKC


Donna said...

I'm sending rain your way; it should be there by tomorrow night.

Paula said...

Good luck with your wildflowers. I've tried everything with bluebonnets and never succeded