Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

“Breaker, breaker! Any body got a copy on the big Foot?”
I’m surprised it isn’t a gray day for a good Friday. Most unusual by the odds on over the years I remember. Rained every year when I was a kid.
Four cups coffee, three large cups tea, a quart of milk, and a half gallon water was all I had drunken to clinch a thirst yesterday. Can’t imagine what kept me floor walking sloshing as I did all night.
Laying on a medical care facility hardwood table this morning I get two calls I needed to grind grain today. Sheesh! I could be laying on my hostile death bed and they’d want me to resurwreck myself for one more grind. Looks like fence winding gonna be put off one more day!
More good news. Lost another hay field this morning to a couple more horses. Only lucky thing about this sitsheation, were only 70 miles from the Canadian border, slaughter houses, horse meat canners and foreign dog food markets. (No offence intended, Donna!)
I learned of the hay field loss while driving my circuit to pickup supplements and picking up the empty ground-feed wagon. This news didn’t help to make my day.
I had lunch and a bit of a quiet sitting spell. Finding a piece of fun paper work to do, I did it before heading backout to what I had to do. That was set up machinery, grind, haul and spot the refilled wagon’s gravity box. The feed delivered the rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur. I was busy until supper time, come home, took med's and got to wait an hour before eating.
What I didn’t do today was finish taking up my fences. (curses)
In my travels and stops, while waiting for prescriptions, found the pharmacist even has a dope kit so I can check meself out drug abuse or if I happen to be on something?
I avoided reading package any details I didn’t want to know. Gosh, seems somebody’s always thinking of something new.
Since snows melted grass is greening.
Snow near gone the ladies nibble on grass, fill up on hay and vice-versa all day/all night long. Makes it difficult to figure out how to keep them fed with out excess waste is a headache.
Sheesh, I’m just as tired as if I did something worthwhile today. I’d have liked to celebrate one of my own accomplishments. Happy Days to You.


Donna said...

We have to put electric fence around our garden because the dope-smoking neighbors' horses get out at least once a week.

Paula said...

That is the trouble with cell phones. They can even track you down on your death bed.