Saturday, April 4, 2009

4-3-o9 Explanations
These days……
We haven't recovered from the ethanol craze yet. Is good the ethanol plants we all (tax payers) were paying for are shutting down. This act alone will save a lot of rubber alcohol destroyed in older vehicles and aluminum engines in newer cars.
And most importantly fertilizers have come down for nourishing hay fields and pastures. Most of all we need some improvement in the economy.
Milk was cheap here last week at $1.88/gallon. This week it is selling for $1.77/gallon. We as farmers are doing our best to keep ourselves and livestock well fed and decease free.
It becomes very difficult when a bullet and compost pile are cheaper that taking a cull to the livestock exchange.
Myself not a RRR enthusiast I obviously don't see the RRR big picture. It is going to take some many years to heal the economy. Meanwhile, it's bad when parents can't buy all the milk their children need for strong teeth and bones. It's economically shameful parents can't buy the meat products their children need for proper brain development.

Years ago, as a very busy entrepreneur…
I know what some one had said about all what he couldn’t do. I can fully relate to that. I mean while I was a bachelor Scout Master many years ago, I did manage to also scout out the girlz while I was busy along other avenues. My own boss I could budget my time while I scheduled time for this’n’that. I averaged a day per week for Boy scouts.
When an opportunity arose, a new interest should present herself to my gaze and eventual interest, it didn’t take me long to hit on her, succeeding 50% of the timeI had set a date-out convenient to both of us. Next, I didn't take'em (goils) to shows to neck in balcony shadows. My dates, if they were to accompany me, we were going to museums, outdoor walks, window shopping, picnic's, etc.. I wasn't going to waste any of my time in the dark someplace when or where I couldn't look inside the gurl.
So bad (good) I was my final selection, I was out on a Scouts Winter Klondike Camp in three feet of snow less than week after the "I does." I knew I had the right gurl, when she had found my childhood teddy bear and packed it deep inside my sleeping bag. I took a lot of heat over that teddy bear, (a-hum) that looong weekend. If she were going to take some heat, she made sure I did also. And them "I does" have lasted two lifetimes.....
This also shows, I didn't give up all my fishing!

Spent some time trying to download computer protection. Worked at it for three hours and have no idea whether it had downloaded or not. One clue one way or the other I can’t find MaAfee listed in my programs.

My present day
The morning started out great. It was jocularity everywhere I happen to wander for more than the day’s first half. Afternoon into evening was a busy ho hum. I sometimes wonder if I’m going to get anything done water either standing or making slippery mud sucking machine traps. Plus early out checking and twice more throughout middle the day and once more before twilight time. By time I got in washed up and ate, I had to ice it down a couple/three places and then out check the ladies before laying it down. BGKC>

PS: If I don't make sense alow me some slack.

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