Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I can only take so much.
Just when I was fixing to give up my long underwear it’s supposed to turn cold and snow again in Michigan.
Don’t pack it away yet girly.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Taking a different tact
The genuine farm children leave a good deal of their daily education back at the barn these days when they board a consolidated school bus.
It just might be one the reasons farm raised young people spawn fewer hard way learned pregnancies.
Years ago I never understood how so many city kids could think the were either or both smarter or wiser than us so called hicks. I’ll tell you in my day country boys and girls went skinny dipping in the same water hole with nothing extracurricular coming of it.
Hmm, now only about 1.5% or less the US population still live on the working farm. These days could well be coming to an end.
Funning you! Sorry about the soap box.
A real day lived such as it was I woke up to rain. I lost Ugly’s keys and was half hour late for therapy. I was so tight I got heat packed neck. Shortened on muscle massages, and left on a table to relax. Back and neck so tight little could be done for yesterday’s over exertion. Told to come home, stay home, stay in, do nothing but totally relax.
Yeah but, had wagon wheels to fix before next wagons use loaded with hay to move up this road.
Wagon’s first wheels hub up and checked out found bolts enough to make wheels re-installation secure. Front wagon whell same side taken wheel off had more problems One bolt missing another holding and a third already replace with a stud. Remaining two bolt holes stripped. It was a drive to town for two studs. Proper parts on return front wheel assembly together and ready for working. Then bro’ gets bright idea take rear hubs off junk car he’s picked up. Wonderful. Just what I needed for total relaxing. I was not happy, especially when the rain was coming down hard enough the road out front had disappeared. Some more determination upon his part he handed e torch ,, burning a lot of gas the only thing I accomplished was starting the car on fir. My pre-filled water bucket near by, the fire was handily extinguished. Was time for home my saying so. I took care ladies and observed brand new calf from afar. I’ll ID mom and sex the calf come morning. This makes four farm survivors for 2009 model year.

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Donna said...

You, Fernan, are the first one I'm telling: There will soon be an addition to our homestead. A two-year-old Jersey heifer already bred to calve in June, or thereabouts. Shhh, don't breathe a word of it.

It's costing Cliff a bloody fortune, but he's on the hunt for an Ollie 1850 or 1855. So allowances must be made.

Stay tuned.