Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunny day’s news

Cheerleaders at a California high school are protesting the firing of their coach over a series of nude photos from Playboy. Carlie Beck — named in Playboy as Carlie Christine — lost her job at Orangevale’s Casa Roble High School after a parent found and complained about the images.
Shame to, She could have coached, cheered me up and cheered me on all three at the same time.
Now closer to home.
Car-rumba, 30* going out this morning’s door. I didn’t even tux for it. Wore North Woods shit alone for warmth. There weren’t room for another soul in my tux regardless how thin s__ might have been. A man has got to know his limits.

Calf born sunup this AM.
Calf all cleaned up, dried off, mom is still bonding.

The three calves what were here yesterday are in this photo.
The light roan cow in foreground is so very close to deliver a calf she could be tonight or tomorrow. She was talking to me about it this morning.
Having finished crazy lunch, a clowslaw sandwich.
I managed to fix a couple tires, took a couple more apart, and failed to take another one apart. Played at taking parts off a smashed up Pontiac wrecked by a teenaged girl down the street, last winter. The car unrecognizable she crawled out of it to be found in the middle of the road by a school bus driver. It’s a wonder she hadn’t froze. Some scraps and abrasions, with no broken bones she was lucky she weren’t more seriously hurt or worse.
Today Frieda let me misplace my favorite vacuum bottle. And any misplaced vacuum bottle is my favorite. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Awww those cow mamas are so good with their babies. They know just what to do and when to do it.