Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday sure

As bad as my left wing has felt all day, for as little I accomplished all day, I should gave gone to church. Cussed arthritis is ever and ever more taking over my frame. Got to put ice on this and that muscle every time any one or more spasms accure to avoid the brain attacking lightening striking pain hitting me in my temples. Now my left arm has taken up zoneful paining the arm to uselessness. What’s with these idiotic isolated pain attacks on my forearm one day, the upper arm, the shoulder the next, or combination of two. This behavior’s going on day in day out, this morning’s hit returned to my left wrist in such a fashion I can not either hold nor push or lean the hand to function without, I don’t know, painfully letting me down maybe? By gum it unimaginably hurts! To escapes the wrist’s pain through a wonderful afternoon nap.
Frieda had said last night she was going to church this morning. Looking out the deck’s wet, rain drops falling here and there. Like a finicky cat wasn’t going out there and getting her paws (feet) wet. She decided to stay home.
I got outside and checked upon the ladies. Wow! They must have finally gotten hungry. Everything I had set before them was gone. I mean real gone! So, I set before them what one bale I still had here. It were time to hit the road and bring back hay from down yonder. But first I checked out my charges. Seven calves in the pasture one or two of them new last night and this morning. Only there was no telling who they belonged to. These ladies can be so tightlipped a body (me) has to be sneaky sitting a spell until they make a move or moves. So I attentively got them ID-ed. It was time to move on. Some shop time, Bro’ and I picked up talking where the removal of from engine pulley had bogged down. While we contemplated the idea of making a new set of puller forks we loaded my hay wagons and hayed his ladies. I was on the road home. This time I could finish feeding y ladies with a badly wanted second haylage bale. I again rode the perimeter looking for AWOL calves who’d slipped under the fence who knows where. I was still without enough info to make an accurate accounting. No solid information yet. I could only assume something was wrong. I knew there had to be one more calves. I counted six, expected to see seven. The day was not over yet.
So while this may seem short and incoherent, I’m exhausted and heading for my sleeping zone. Keep a light in your window for me to steer by. BGKC.