Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday’s fun

It’s the good, the bad, and all a day ugly
Yesterday morning was a comedy relief. By afternoon I was so busy I couldn’t keep track my own tail. This morning I found my first calf got himself entangled in a hot fence. and was evidently electrocuted on the spot, everything wet, he had died right there. Bummer! The calf’s mother is following me around expecting me to fix it and return it. Bummer! I finally get out back. Water’s standing everywhere. I’ve started winding fence wire the hard way, by hand. Found one fence line suitable for machine winding, and had left one of the three basic pieces of the machine fence winder way back in the barn; AND, I had designed built the whole durned thing myself. Balderdash! A drove up to the barnyard, the ladies waiting for me, I could make a mistake. Instead I walk across the barnyard. Wasn’t taking any chances . What the heck, it was also tea time.
Missing component in hand plus a couple extra spools. I was ready to take up some fence. Back to the scene where I had discovered I was missing a part, I was putting them all together finding the take up spool assembly warped, oh-crime-ale-m-me. There was more wrong with the third part in assembly. It’s take it up to the farm yard this time and truck with my tools. Darn it, I was over to neighbor’s trying to save shop time. In the end I had to make the shop for another part. Back in my own yard that last piece was a pain to fix. Align it, tighten it, it’s bound. Looked it over, frame was bent two ways. Take it a part three more times before the final working assembly. By this time its working as was intended. The acid test is tomorrow if it don’t rain. Getting late I gave it up. Started some laundry, hit the freezer for some burger for a beef-gravy over biscuits meal for tomorrow‘s supper. BGKC.


Paula said...

Too bad about the calf. John doesn't have any electric fences but had a wire fall once and electocute a cow. I think the electric company paid for that cow.

Donna said...

Ah, what a shame.