Monday, April 13, 2009

For 4-12-o9 It wasn’t all games

What I didn't say for Sunday's adventures.
I counted my balls. Got a lot of them. And, then I don’t remember the count. Moved some piles of earth what the country had dumped in one of this land’s natural drains. Well I at least tried. The Ford loader digger’s material bucket only a quarter yard to takes a lot of bucket loads of material to make difference whether I’m taking or delivering. Moved about 2 ½ yards dirt to east end barn to fill a hole. I’ve no idea how many yards I added to the lower drive way hoping eventually to build it up enough for a dryer year round driveway drainage. And, at the same time reopen the natural lay of the land’s drainage.
Having lunch snack I was on the road again to move JD’s left side battery box out into the sun to warm it up for painting it an hour later. That done I was back to moving more earth. That hour going fast I had to paint that JD part. The box warmed I wish the paint had been. To late for that I measured out a quantity and added thinner stirring (not shaken) and sprayed the box. The shop cooler than outdoors I carefully laid some pieces 2” x 4”’s around my painted project and placed an inverted black plastic oil catch pan over the finished paint job. My idea was the black plastic would absorb the suns energy making the underside than pan warmer to faster set the paint. Then it were back to use little 961 Ford ’s back blade to even out my moved dirt piles. Just getting into it Terry (not of the pirates) returned home and took over Ford. Stepping down I hayed the ladies, emptied the Cushman to take Terry for ride out back showing him some likely turkey ground. Thinking about it I can show him some even better ground tomorrow.
Anyway, the Cushman unloaded Terry had done a fair job carving away some ridges turning into the lady’s present pasture. I’m wanting them cut down the heavy depressions filled for smoother transporting hay wagon later. That was my real Easter Sunday Day tiring me out just as if it had been another ordinary work day.

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