Thursday, April 16, 2009

4-15-o9 Tax Day

Unlike a lot of procrastinating people I got right on mine a whole week ago and sent it in next day. (smiles)
Chatting with my physical therapist, she was telling me about a mystery animal ripping up there lawn. Their thoughts had included woodchuck and skunk. I told her true that it was an enterprising feral hog. Either way the porker’s original owner will deny ever knowing or having owned the critter as the damages done by said critter will exceed the value of the same mischief maker. Why the rout or rooting in a plowing motion? The critter’s looking for grubs, roots and truffles (a French delicacy).

Hoy faloy Porkers? Who’d have ever thought?
Here’s a Link or google “American truffles” for even more info.
In boots for the slip and slide mud everywhere around my farms work sites me thinks they’s been a prime reason me mind and brain were for sure played out leaving me no soul nor wit enough to make a journal entry evening last. Trying not to leave any day uncovered my journey in life uncovered here’s another day late entry. Hope every body’s BGKC.

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