Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Blues

Day opened with a ladies look-see finding nothing to worry about before breakfast. A bit later back outside I’d decided to free the WD45 from the AC hay rake to draft the wood-hauler trailer about the fields to cut up windfalls and haul in the firewood. Checking the WD over it needed fuel (I had some) water having gotten into the oil over the winter the WD45 needs an oil change. I made a couple call for engine oil and the oil was supposedly on the way. I made a second call for some help. “I’ll be there in a couple hours.” he’d said.
While I waited, I loaded Cushman with wood cutting equipment (needs), and started to witling firewood in my yard a windfall I had brought up a three weeks ago. Wood cut as far as I could go without wrestling the wood splitter out of the barn. It beginning to appear I was my lonesome until when?
Okay, I’ll take the Cushman for drive and start cutting alone. I did that. The second tree hung up with out a little help I could see myself dropping it on me. Nope, better leave it alone. There are two more trees needing attention, the next one the Ford digger-hoe could handle I’d never have it over my head. A few little adventures to keep me busy I went for the digger-hoe.
Passing machines both ways by the ladies just managing the gates I had the Cushman back home the digger-hoe out. Oh, What the Hell. I went for the first windfalls I had just looked at before. I tilted the load bucket just so and started bushing the first tree’s branches and trunk away from me into the fence line’s undergrowth. Out of the way, It had been easy enough to have done. Bravery knowing no bounds I approached the second tree the poor old guy snapped and was just still hanging on twenty feet in the air. This trunk wasn’t going to come down easily. Picking the loader buck up mid-height I approached some limbs and started bushing all the time trying to cock my eyes in two directions One up and left the other straight on and level. All this mumble jumbling was all to no avail. Had the right eye rolled freely about in my head as I had wished it could, it’d not seen anything anyway. The break holding tight the tree’s upper holding fast I swung the tree-top counter clockwise far enough into the fence lines underbrush the hay field was cleared. What the Devil, two for two what could I possibly do wrong?
The next wind fall was clear any obstructions and was ridiculously easy, or I made it look so. The forth windfall was a dandy. A good sized limb broken off and still hanging on some twenty feet in the air. I cha-wa-wa, this hanger looked good enough to really leave alone. But where there’s no sense there’s no feeling nor smart either, I took it on. How was I going to handle it. Bucket low or bucket high? Straight on from out of the field or attacking it from the right sort of like winding clockwise a humongous Paul Bunyan pocket watch. Hell before I wore my brain out thinking to hard on it. I just put the bucket half way up in the air and went at the limb first from the right, watching waiting for the heavy end to break off and make me sorry I had started this. Bushed as far as I could push it from this angle, I moved the digger-hoe to a head on position. I charges and the upper younger more pliable limbs I managed to push them far enough to be tied behind some saplings strong enough to take up their challenges. This area of this field was cleared of that menacing over hanging out there limb. The fields finished for the moment I headed home taking up moving some more earth. To move clean earth I had to pickup and remove trash from the dirt. I filled five tubs, in first tub filled the cans were numbered by dead soldiers and four more tubs I had filled with carpet remnants. Terry for his help yesterday and before I delivered him three quarter yards dirt to raise the grades in his dog runs. Lastly I mounted the little Ford tractor with the back blade and did some more grading. I level off a couple ruts through the ladies pasture gate way, and leveled again that area of the lower drive dried enough to make rough grading effective. Getting on late for my tired arse, my meds taken on a water break shortly after 5:00 PM. Finely in by 7:30 PM I felt it time to call it a day, besides I had some laundry to do. Do? Yeah do! Somebody has to put it in a auto-washer, then the auto-dryer, and then back in the basket for her ladyship’s perusal. Wouldn’t been a chore had I remembered to do those parts of the laundry requiring the drier until I was in the house sure. BGKC.
PS: Neither the WD45 motor oil as well as my helper neither of them showed up. Interestingly enough I managed to handle everything I had listed on my original day's work list. Spose I didn't have anyone under foot?

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