Monday, April 20, 2009

I gotta change……..

…… ways. I mean it, I gotta change my ways….or take-up new ones.
I must have gotten to much sun the last few days. Instead of tanning them, the sun has thinned them to the point they’ve started bleeding again. A condition I should have taken steps to prevent. This may very well mean I’ll need to wear a pair/two dreary, unfeeling, insensitive, disgusting gloves. (sniff) Thoughts of gloves the rest of Spring, all Summer long, and Fall, how so entangling droll.
So heavenly pleasant here. It’s raining rain. Sheesh, bah humbug, I’ve been informed I gotta grind today. That’s not so bad. I’m even dumb enough to enjoy it. There’re day’s everything goes all right as it’s or supposed to. Then there’re days something goes wrong out of stupidity and got a mess most likely to clean up. And, then there’s the occasional day something needs fixing. And fixing’s top priority as feed has to be made to keep critters fed.
The bah hum bug part is I’m out-of grain I have to go to replenish that grain supply first.
Yeah, rain’s alright. It’s an element of nature to enjoy, feeling it, drying out after its gotten you chilled and wet all over. Gosh I’m remembering playing in the rain with our kids to show them it didn’t hurt and it could be fun getting dried out and warmed up after a dousing. It was absolute best day I walked in the rain with our kids still future mother. It was a day I knew I had to have her in my life forever and ever hap….. Hmm well, that’s another whole lot more stories…..
I mention going grocery store yesterday. While there among other things I pick-up one of the giant economy sized eighteen battery packs, all for my Camera. I got home replaced my camera batteries. Feeling odd (over normally) tried taking my BP with the auto-BP machine. It didn’t work beyond a zero. Tries it again. Same thing, it were harder to turn on than a brand-new bride. Rolled her over….opps….it over opened her….opps….its back. It held a whole slew the same batteries the camera does. Whatever happen to the “D” batteries of yesteryear?
BP wasn’t good, wasn’t bad either, but forgot to take it again. So, I’ll take it now. 147/94. That is in the neighborhood the very same as early evening last. Called Doc’s office. Nurse said, “Wait and take BP again just before lunch, then after, and call back.” Forgetting BP before lunch it was 152/93 after lunch. Well, I got half her instructions correct.
Long before the preceding adventurers I was saying then, “I gotta get out of here,” but that was just before I had started dressing. Now the way of my dressing, crossing my limbs to put my socks on, somehow I managed to crush (or pinched) my left testicle to a real ouch ouwwy. Kinda hunkered over, Herr Mostess was calling me, Numb Nut, as I still continued getting ready to go out the door.
“Just you wait, deary, until I get something new on you!”
Needing some real compassion..…..I wasn’t getting any.
Sewing Wild Flower Seed yesterday included two Sunny Area Mixes: Alyssum, and Impaitens. This morning picking up grain grinding supplements Mr. Roger’s made me a two bagged Hummingbird Flower Mix deal I could no way refuse. The exact details of which I’m not at liberty to divulge.
It is so good having friends in the strangest places.
BP 151/96 it was just before heading back out the afternoon’s rainy wet air. Coming back in it were 149/95 BP. So I guess this about where it is going to be. Coming in I also brought with m e a dandy low pressure system headache of the colossal kind. This one’s wall banger if ever was one.
Between my comings and goings I delivered the ground grain sticking ugly coming out of Bro’s hay-yard. Less than a hundred yards from my upper driveway I noticed a badly wobbling wagon wheel. Stopping to look at it there was no way to even get it off the road let alone all the way into my drive. It was fix it where it set. It had lost four lug bolts od a set of five. Trying to jack wagon up jack refused. Having power steering fluid and an old bottle spout I managed to put some fluid in that itty-bitty hole they provide for just such fillings. (grumble-grumble). The jack then lifted the loaded wagon but couldn’t hold until I stuck a block of wood on end to help the jack. Disgusted I was about wishing I had another block to hold me up. All the lug bolts to tight to get off on the road I managed to get one off another wheel already lacking one. Well, I could at least move the wagons off the road and into the farmyard on two bolts each two wheels. Wagons unloaded will be lighter going back for shop repairs. Balder-dash! I had forgotten all about the lift having fallen off one side tractor last night. When Tom helped me grind this morning giving heart stressing a break, I forgot the While he were here he could have helped me with the lift. Irregardless, having called Keith even before the near lost wheel account, Keith Hadn’t showed up. Seeing Sparky was home maybe, just maybe? A call couldn’t hurt. No immediate contact. About time I was rolling in drive Sparky celled me back and changing duds was going to be on his way. It took three of us to put that lift back on last time, but looking it over, starting tractor, lining-up lower three point arm I tried manipulating the lift levers the arm to engage the lift’s pivot pin. No worked. Getting one of them Ford Ideas I got a round point shovel off Ugly’s back, using it across tractor’s implements arms Working lever slowly I managed to hold those parts in line enough everything connected. Whooppee, Here’s come Sparky down the road just as I didn’t need him. Wrong-o, He picked up my jack what had fallen off Ugly in the road. I got to get onto Ugly for such slipshod help. I had needed Sparky after all. (grin) (smiles) AND, two Tylenol sure had broken up the headache’s grip on my head.
It rained all the night the night I slept filling the creek I’ve got to cross everyday. Then it continually rained all day to keep me wet. When I got in I thought I could use a pass through an old Maytag’s wringer to squeeze out all the water I’d soaked up all day, if it had the gas. BGKC.


Donna said...

Cliff's brother's blood pressure runs high, even though he's on BP meds. Makes me thankful that Cliff's rattlers work so well for him.

Paula said...

You had a lot to say today and now I don't remember what I was going to comment on. For sure I know what I wasn't going to comment on. lol