Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Week To Go

Indoors/outdoors, always something to do, around here, I got seven whole days to complete and mail them’s fool yearly accountment papers to the Federalies*. Ya know, the ones what need us to start paying for all the past RRR administrations mistakes and thefts, I’m surprised the big“D” congress’s ain’t having to look like the bad guys raising the taxes on us what’s left who ain’t been high level RRR money hungry assholes licensed to steel unsuspecting Americans, (Hell the world’s citizens of their moneys by hook or crook.) Taking their savings kicking them out of their homes.
How is it I’m thinking it’s coming up time for all the numskulls who’d voted the RRR’s into those positions they held, to sell out their unsuspecting neighbors.
“Well, good buddies, It’s been nice talking at cha ya. This is where I get off. Keep the shinny side up, the rubber side down. I’ll be reading ya on the rebound. Meanwhile, it’s the pedal to the metal. I’m down and out!” Big Foot’s gone….
3:00 AM. What is this? What the Hell? I ain’t been up this early for over a month. I know what did it! Instead of my walking right on by the wood stove. Feeling sorryly cold by it, I stopped and threw a couple logs in its big mouth to keep its heart warm and functioning. So much for my being a nice guy. Humbug!
11:dirty I’m just finishing up the Federalies paperwork and phone rings. The MRI clingick has called a cancellation. They can take me in if I can be there in 45 minutes. Not leaving much room for washing hands and changing hats, I wore the bibs I was in. Me driving, Frieda’s letting me drive alone. I wonder if she knew something? Talk at ya all later good buddies. Big Foot down and out.
5:00 PM my trip was an hour’s turn around the entire trip driven without incident. On way home had ½ hr coffee in another favorite kitchen in route. Home I dived right back into my paper work finishing adding the governor’s needed scripts to the masses. For the masses, I cramped my hand writing checks supporting so many peoples dependent upon me, my poor wealth.
Accomplishments abounding I’m near tickled pink with my efforts to get things done. Weather teasingly warming today has me thinking shop for tomorrow. Gosh, three days holed up in this house I’m experiencing stir crazy. It’s not the company, it’s the activity enjoyed being out of there.
Right now an hour early I’m downing my meds, before feeding and counting bovine ears tonight for a different approach to bovine’s calf checking’s boredom. I’m seriously needing another fuzzy 80 pound critter to get my grubby hands on. (smile)
Supper’s done. TV line up stinks. I should look to some put off to long projects. Tonight’s supper was roast turkey, stove top dressing, mashed taters and gravy, Dessert was Boston cream cake and fresh strawberries.
It’s seven PM and I’m running out of gas. Frieda ‘s looking at me telling me I’m tired, my inability to talk straight. I guess she’s going to make us soda’s and then we’ll go to bed. Hmm. She’s run out of chocolate Ice-cream and she no wants me to no go to basement for another carton. Were having black cherry in a dish. Oh Lawd. I’ve got toget out of here. I’m beginning to maudle. BGKC.

*Those damn government officials always bustin up shit goin down

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