Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying to catch up

This 1st part written for Betty:
Whenever/wherever I/we've traveled U.S. I/we've taken a many a rural road from here to there. CB is/was as close as a body gets to a "good buddy" on an express way. Over rural roads it is eye to eye contact for new long lasting life remembered friendships. Rural roads are where invitations to sit and talk awhile happen. On rural roads are where a family is asked to stay a while. Beside rural roads, a case foreign beer (anything what ain't brewed locally), a bushel Michigan apples, a bag unwashed sassafras root, gifts get you everywhere/everything and the area's best home cooken. True U.S. country people are truly the absolute friendliest open armed trusting souls imaginable. I can tell stories.
I beg of you, please, please don’t ask me about the bigger big cities.
Co…col…cold this morning I dressed up in my finest barnyard tux of the day. (brrr) No more new snow yet as of the morning hour. But uncomfortably cold just the same. I’ve already been dressing down before this latest freeze an unsettling weather.
What a delightful morning, absolutely delightful. I kept my physical therapy appointment as a good lad should. I mean what would those pretty young maids do without me? In as much as I enjoy seeing the young ladies I’ve been wondering how much longer I’ll be required to keep up these treatments. After all, enough is enough, specially when I’m no longer feeling any hands on improvement my gentle nature.
Thinking as I was entertaining the idea quitting this regimented going’s on’s I went next door to Doc’s office and signed myself in. By and by the Peg of my heart brought me into the good Doc’s inner-sanctum to hear my pleas. Doc finally making it around to me read what had been writtened and asked me for a more detailed self assessment my conditions. I spoke of daily coming in packing my lower back and neck in ice just as the daily afternoon’s headache set in. The ice logically working the headache has been going away after an hour’s such relaxation,…..before my going out for more activity such as loading truck with firewood and/or unloading same into the house.
He thought about me for awhile and has decided I need an MRI covering my lower back before I permanently injure myself indulging in my favorite outdoor activities. I hope that didn’t exclude my often chasing the ladies.
Having spoken to a delightful young lady while donning my tux, she wanted to know from where I had gotten my tux finery? She was asking as she was wanting to keep her husband warmer during his outdoor excursions (their yard).
Well into our conversation my merchant directions for two of them, the receptionist came out and reported this grand lay’s husband had arrived. Only to proud I helped the lady to her waiting husband. It was right about here in this morning’s I was put to shame. Myself having made a box for my bride’s easier entry into Ugly I saw another truly a gentleman build for his Mrs.‘s not only a step but also a porch for her pinnacled entry into a pickup truck lower to the ground than Ugly. Keeping it in I fained display my mortification.
This couple have had to been married forever. Either one of them speaking of the other their eyes sparkled. 86 years young, each of them, this gentleman was tutoring school children two days a week. Good thing he had something to do, grumbling he was wanting this snow to end so he may get up on his roof and re-shingle it. Her complaint, there was no keeping her husband down!
It was another good morning, by Jumpin Jiminy
Holy-Leo-Gee-Horse-A-Fat! Been a busy busy-day. Medical appointments and questions kept me occupied till 12:30 PM. The set out a bale for the ladies. They’re supposedly set until tomorrow. I only need check on them a couple more times.
I’ve been on the phone for hours. It all started with a “Holy Smok’ems” infiltrating my mind. Having thought I was being called for a double billing for something I had purchased, I got a bit hot under the collar. That being a couple days ago I’ve since wanted all the recipes covering these matters in my hands before I went up against the nationally known retailer. Frieda asked me where the papers were, as if I didn’t know. Well, I pointed out I knew where I could exactly lay my hands on them pointing to the place. (A pile of papers four feet wide by two feet high.) The very idea her asking me such a ridiculously silly question. Humpht! About to dive into that pile I looked someplace else first, luckily saving it from being the last place looked. (That pile still remains un-molested until next time.) Not to be one to take any crap from anybody, armed to the teeth with my recipes I called that mercantile Goliath to get things righted or else. When I got a lovely young lady’s voice on the line I apologized profusely. I even managed to have all the late charges waved. The big shot supper store taken care of I moved onto the business of telephone charges. There’ll be more about this matter next week. I also settled all the safe internet protection for my computer. It has been a busy afternoon. Butt, for know I’ll tell ya… it don’t pay to get the tall goober mad. Then I had wondered where’d I put my income tax papers and forms? By now, It was almost so close to my everyday wished quitting time, I did.
Sheesh! Weather and winds changing so profusely around here today it has not been easy to keep body and soul warm. Sure glad I got that firewood in day before last. Good thing I quit when I did only a few moments later and ago. I could have been caught outside in a truly horizontal snow. Spring is the heart warmingest season of the year. AND, drinking lots of tea, there’s been no time for coffee! BGKC.


Paula said...

What was your handle in the days of c b's. We all had a lot of fun with ours.Over and out good buddy.

Alice said...

Sure has been a long time since I even heard the word "cb" and I don't even remember my handle at the time. They were lots of fun before the pc and probably still are to lots of folk. :)