Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Easter Memory

I was speaking with Miss. Frieda telling I had promised the masses I was all through showing of my yearly EASTER egg collections. Well, it’s seeming like I can’t do it being so sure I‘ll surely find something different tomorrow morning. I have ESP feelings about these mysteries. Anyway Miss Frieda told me about the time I took a turn in the kitchen coloring every egg we had in the house to help the Easter bunny out.
Way back when unbenounced to me I had grabbed the wrong eggs in a carton straight out of the refrigerator and colored the whole mass before I had found a second bowl full of eggs. Not sure which was which I colored those in the bowl also putting all of them in one refrigerated container until the Easter Bunny’s dawn delivery. Somebody cracking one of them expecting one thing found a somewhat snotty surprise. The children were delighted in the whole after Easter morning’s hunt outcomes. Surprisingly, the kids had a grand time from then on for the next few days cracking any colored egg over a bowl. My miscue seemed to have worked out well all the way around, the amusement value the next few day’s was priceless.
I Had a good day finishing for the most part winding fence wire. During one of my stops I followed a mammoth shadow crossing over me right on up into the sky. There was a large red-tailed hawk soaring on the breezes overhead. Watching him I noticed a small bird or two taking cover in the branches of a small tree. And yonder I heard some more birds making warnings and complains about his presents.
This is it for today’s entry. There was more but so tired I give a hoot. BGKC.


Paula said...

Happy Easter to you and Miss Frieda

Donna said...

Hey Fern, I did a recent entry about Cliff and his passion for Oliver tractors. Didn't want you to miss it.