Thursday, April 9, 2009


This morning’s settin’ moon was as bright a yellow-orange-d in color as an iodine yard light. A sneaky moon in a plantin’ disguise as a harvest moon. Really?
Left turn out the driveway it were same-o’-same-o physical therapy. Back home I checked the ladies for any activity while I were gone. Nothing new. Fed cars and something else down to the barn. Wasn’t important enough to remember I guess? Getting onto noon had lunch saving dinner run back here. Put in some shop time bundling engine stands, might say, making more room on the floor. Spent some time working right side JD for installing second battery box. Gear case tapped holes just for second battery box mounting were either full of bugs, cocoons or sand and dirt. Between small screwdriver, 5/16 drill bit, and a 3/8” thread chaser, I managed to clear them for use. Swept a floor area big enough to throw down an 18.4x38 radial tire inner tube to air up to find air leak. I found it and stuck a piece wire into the guilty hole. I’d have patched, but not sure of patches on hand for inner tube patching. Whatever had cut the inner tube I never found it. Bro’ getting hungry he as much as sent me on my way. I head home to pickup more fence wire. In route, Handy calls, has an after work appointment to Doc to sew his finger shut in one hour. Weren’t enough time for my starting wire winding for less than an hour. I had brought home two wagons hay needing unloading. Started Ford digger and move a few yards dirt trying to fill a watery mud hole in the lower drive. When that’s finished this Spring I’ll have me a dandy mud hole all summer long. A man must look ahead for making such accomplishments. Handy’s finger finally taken to doctor was found finger to late for sewing. I guess it’ll either heal or fall off. (snicker, oh well) Stop by MickyD’s for Handy’s carry out three orders: two Chicken McNuggets and one double super burger(?) with fries of course. I don’t eat there that often to remember the details? By time I returned home day was late enough to call it quits. I did without hesitation. Not a bad day. Liked to have gotten more done, but…… BGKC.

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