Friday, April 17, 2009

Something added

Same ol‘, same ol’, start of the day, PT, Doc’s for MRI explanation ate up this morning.
Treat of the day
Saw those kids in their late 80’s. I don’t know what it is in my looks but this young lady like so many who’ve seen me before handed me their bag to carry. GD, it was heavy. I’ve no idea what was in it, but I remember my Mon’s. My mom carried no less a screwdriver, a pair pliers, an address book what could put any computer’s memory banks to shame, and her keys strung out on a tow chain. In total my Mom’s hand bag was a lethal weapon. Regardless all I’ve likely needlessly written, this senior couple and I coming or going I was there to help her in and out Doc’s office. I learned Doc and wife are celebrating 33 years matrimonial bliss. This prompted me to ask the young lady I had had on my arm twice in one day how long she’d been married? “Going on 70 yrs.” she answered me. They were teenagers, his fessing up he was 19 yr and I assumed he didn’t know what he was doing, for my looking upon her she had to have been an exceptionaly beautiful bride. One he couldn’t help himself nor turn down. };^)) Oh yeah, Doc the romantic he is, let it slip, he was taking his wife out to Micky-D’s tonight for a candle lite supper. He’s got to be one of the last big time spenders.
Did I ever have a good time this AM!
My MRI only showed my lower back’s cartilage between the vertebra was like oozing out my entire lower back. I guess it’ll be ice and heat packs from here on out. He didn’t give much hope for my inversion table use, time limited 3 to 5 minutes at a time. Odd, I feel taller when I come back down, and pain free for a spell. To each his own. May I suggest trying one out before buying. And just because I purchased one I’m saying nothing less than my liking it. Would I stretch a truth. Darn right I would. (hehehehehehehe)
Had to spread fertilizer today while spreader and loading tech was available to service my needs at the elevator. So it was a “Bon Voyage!” The idea was to give the alfalfa fields a shot in the arm, so to speak, while the plants were still young and close to the ground for doing less rolled over damage to their stems.
Damn it, I hit personal invisible wall around 4:30 PM. Shouks I only needed another 600 pounds fertilizer to finish the last field I had been on today. Word from Tech, he’s working tomorrow, I’ll finish then. I fueled tractor and brought more hay home. My day’s finished unless a lady needs me. One more check on them during twilight time should do it?
Finally I’m in and able to rest it.
Un happy with my picture posting I’ve got (want to) open or start an ongoing picture internet album. Any ideas or suggestion are welcomed. HELP!

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