Sunday, April 26, 2009

4-25-o9 A nowhere day, yesterday, plus

Busy all ‘YESTERDAY’s’ day busting up time having accomplished nothing. JD continued refusing to start. The fickle finger of fate has been pointed at me, I’ve supposedly done something wrong in assembly. Sue, we Mc-Started re-splitting tractor. We got as far as crank shaft pulley it refusing to come off. Grrr! Can’t wait to “nah, nah-nah, nah, nah!” Good day on a whole to stay inside, threatened with showers early afternoon on. While stayed dry most the day I saved my soaking for evening chores. I red someplace one folk went out so far as getting all wet and only watching other’s share in catching one keeper fish. Well at least they did the truly sporty thingy, she didn’t by a can of Mackerel nor Salomn calling it the her catch of the day. (hehehahahoho strange things are happening).
A big ‘PLUS’ I saw Logan yesterday. I passing I had to turn it around, doing it just short of doing a “U’y” in the middle of a four lane rush hour scenario. I took for one of them speed pumping turn a-round’s in the neighboring trailer park entrance. He’s wanted to build barn to keep his gun truck “MeatLoaf” as in (brought home from nom). He’s even had to pay the TWP code zoning board for a hearing upon his collection expanded vehicle of interest housing proposal.
Logan has collected a very the unusual numbers of things which he keps in a barn that’s finished of inside and out more smartly than a many a home. I’ve got to make special trip over to his place to do nothing but take a hundred pictures what could not even begin to cover his material menagerie of hard goods.
Besides MeatLoaf he’s a Near perfectly restored and tricked out 1964(?) 17,000 miled one ton International 9’ boxed pickup truck. This pickumup truck has to be seen to be believed. And then he’s just one of a favorite tractor’s to be seen unconventionally pained gray-white tin over dark marooned iron “Minneapolis Moline” tractor. This is one polished most regal tractors ever restored to Logan’s personal taste. He’s a Farmall “B” complete with a Honeymooners Sweety’s seat for plowing Winter’s snows. He often uses a 1906(?) Round Oak cooking range he keeps in his livingest display living room. He’s an WWII tin type Jeep I’ve ever seen. His place hidden just enough from plain view a body would never know of ‘cept by word of mouth.
May thee all keep your sunny dispositions on display for the whole world to see. BGKC.

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