Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10-10-2011 Fun Fun Fun

For she who can’t hold it in misery:
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In another vain, Stats (Sneak’s big Kitty) had caught a dungeon’s mouse, brought it up, showed it off to Sneak, and commenced to enjoy a fresh caught meal. Kitty YUM!
One the things I did yesterday with some freed time I picked up some more electric fences. I wasn’t alone!!!!
Looking closely I had a flown in wildlife audience watching my every move as I picked up fencing two sides this field.
In upper picture may be seen a minuscule white, sun bleached out red, liquid soap bottle I’d put over a corner electric “T” fence post. While I pick up the wire and intervening electric fence posts my corner stay put. The not only keep my fences their wire lengths good year after year I also set that fences spooled wire on it as well as the fence posts for that run tied to that corner post. The large colorful jug marking these locations marked I avoid hitting them when I yearly take a first cut off all these fields for the next Winter’s feeding hay.
Oh, and I’ll have you know not one spectator was alarmed nor got up and flew off during my entire performance.

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