Friday, October 28, 2011

Dumpy’s coming along
Spent most the day playen Mr. Fix it on the Dumpy truck.
This morning’s dumpy truck need involved bolting in the motor mounts. The bugger’s unwilling to go easily together I resorted to using an accessory body jack extra special jack between Dumpy’s engine and frame a whole inch for the last bolts fit. With the exception of going over to our rural parts supplier for a free lunch celebration Sneak and I wrenched until the Sixguys’ called him over for an evening’s semi driving hauling in soybeans.
My laying down on the floor job, climbing into the engine compartment, and stretched out leaning over the fenders for seven hours my body’s joints telegraphing my brain it had had enough. I listened, assisted Bro’ with his chores, and made a takeout run for the Friday night Order of the Eastern Star fish dinners vittles. God stuff! Three their dinner’s will feed us tonight and leave leftovers for tomorrow night. Now them’s generous portions. Can’t buy a two night fish dinner at the speaker for these girls prices.
Here’s picture of one the cheap Harbor Freight accessory jack kit‘s tool‘s. Only twice used that kit has already paid for itself the time it has saved us wrestling seemingly impossible tasks in a faster more timely manner.

How about this five day old Fall calf watching mom mixed in with neighborhood some of the ladies scarfing down recently unwrapped surplus bake goods.

Found me a real free bargain simply for picking it up out of somebody’s roadside trash. It’ll be joined with another bike making me a stable of two bikes (for starters) to carry upon the haying tractors next Summer. Designated AT’s they’ll save me some long (not always successful hitch hiked) walks either back home or to shop. Especially when any of the troops have forgotten to be there for me upon demand (called). Often dirty buzzards any one or the lot of them! Meanwhile, I’ve already have enough scrounged parts to easily make me two tractor fitted bicycle bike racks.

So, this more or less explains my Shorthorn country day’s activities plus pictures to go along with some the words past and present.

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