Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ladies Day

Spent the entire morning working the chutes the farm both ends the road. The herd’s going to be three ladies smaller in a few days their leaving upon a fact finding mission one of our livestock exchanges come Tuesday.
Afternoon I emptied ashes, drove fence posts, and did some protective greasing a few tractor and implement parts. It was late afternoon by the time I finally got to look at Dumpy truck. Worked on it for only an hour-and-a-half. With any luck at all, should have Dumpy running tomorrow. When as I had hit my wall, and had yet managed to get some truck re-assembly put back together. Rather than charge on up the road I joined Bro’ de-packaging baked goods. This chore requires little knowledge nor smarts enough to avoid involvement. An easy task it was a splendid way to wind down what had been a fully busy day.
Sneak got off early today. So early I found myself not only thinking, but also suspecting he had been watching our house; not coming home before he had seen me go down the road. Kids?!?!?!???
For supper, Sneak, had deep fried some chicken and thinly sliced tators. With chilled beets for a veggie. Sparing no expense, desert was of a cup-caked variety requisitioned from a trucked in huge box commercially baked surpluses.

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