Monday, October 17, 2011

Whatever happened....

….either to or with smooth sailing?
Regardless, The funeral I conducted today was a low key private matter. No column of mourners walking behind the deceased and all that jazz. It was a quiet affair with the utmost respect for the bossy going onto greener pastures.
Two machines had given me grief today. One of them the digger with some thing gone wrong in the tractor’s electrical system causing the starter solenoid failure to work. Thinking about this mechanical failure it may not be a bad solenoid but rather a broken or disconnected wire. Time will tell. The other problem, the Cushman with a stubbornly leaky tire refusing to stay aired up. Nut’s this may mean a run into one of the near by burb’s to pick up a new inner tube. Had to do this with it’s mating tire about eighteen months ago.
Oh me, Oh my, My bestest help has abandoned me for a big-a truck. Sneak was called early this very AM offered a six weeks to eight weeks job driving an eighteen wheeler bringing in the corn harvest. Twelve hour days six days a week, seven if the weather pushes it. He’s called he’ll be getting off 9:00PM tonight. I guess he’s going to be kept for awhile. He’s tickled pink, happier than a Russian wolf hound with a new dog house to lay on top of in the deepest of blizzards snows.
Spare moments here and there, little time enough to get into other trouble the 2150 Ollie has been move up close to the house and electrical outlets. The Schultzy Ollie with its still attached mower conditioner has been moved down the road and spotted in front of the shop for air and power washer blasting tomorrow so both units may be winter parked.
The closest I got to the Dumpy truck was walking around it gathering up one and five gallon cans of oils for machines up the road. I merely sighed in passing knowing there’d be tomorrow.
I guess I’ve either got bragging or complaining rights over being to busy all in one day. This evening I believe my activities are causing a restless right leg syndrome along with the shakes. Jeepers creepers, I mustn’t over fill a drinking glass for I may turn its rim ins a shoal causing all manner of waves to wash over the side's lip. I don’t know what I may do for it? Take a Valium maybe? Then again I hadn’t better? Valium a muscle relaxant, may not be such a good idea as it is the heart is also a muscle! Decisions, decisions! These are questions I need to (must) ask Doc when next I see him.
Bottom line, it has been a good day.

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