Friday, October 7, 2011

Charmed I’m Sure

Been E-net informed finished inaugural tractor picture momentarily forthcoming. Not once, not twice, but a number of times. Then I read the miseried perpetrator had charmed an innocent driver to chauffeur her across state lines. This news had (has) left me to anxiously awaiting upon a Cliff hanger’s colossal finish.
Was all this a hoax? Nuf Said!
Haying finally done, planting season’s here once again, and as usual between delays, breakdowns we’re getting further behind everyday, doing what comes naturally.
Thinking caught up it looked like a coasting day for sure. But if we were going to coast it couldn’t be for long. My second impulse, we better use this day for some unscheduled daylight burnings. Or so I had thought. All we had to do was move the 4-180 to field. Bro’ was to handle it from there. So on taking it to field my driving it, no problem. Sneak pulling into same field behind me had lost Dumpy’s power steering along with a full nose the distinct odors of antifreeze coolant.
Popping the hood it was perfectly obvious the water pump had taken a dump. The front bearing and seal between wobbles and skipped turning coolant was near to pouring out. Tractor delivered it were only a quarter mile from home, our nearest sanctuary. Once we were there we took lunch to let Dumpy engine cool.
Dumpy’s fix involved two Cushman trips to the shop one for a saved pump replacement, a second trip for a tap for cleaning the part’s threaded holes. It took us a little over an hour-and-a-half to finish entire fix.
Simultaneously Sneak painted plow share, moldboards, and coulters until he had run out of a special collection of varied colored handy paint spray cans. I figure two more spray cans paint we can finish the coulters other sides.
Had interesting call today from my publisher. All of a sudden they want to put my book together. It also seems they’ve found all my missing material I sent them a year ago. Strange things are happening.
Motor mount parts for Dumpy truck supposed to be in tomorrow. My ‘scrips’ are also supposed to be ready for pick up tomorrow. Hotter sparkplugs supposedly already in. Still must check on one oddball replacement sparkplug to complete an old spare set. Then finish cruising the supermarket isles for less than a dozen varied household products. PLUS: I want to make at least one quick stop in a neighborhood junkyard for a look/see my stolen lawn tractor.
While I’ve already mentioned it was a day off in disguise, Sneak and I parked the six bottom plow in my hay yard. Then the 2150 Ollie I pressed into hauling and spreading lime. Almost finished save for one more quick load tomorrow morning.
Time I want to go to bed Bro’ calls, he’s got a rock stuck in one gang discs. From his attitude he sounded like it was my fault. He’s the one running this late planting from behind in a hurry. How’s it my fault?
Regardless, I must also fit in mounting a cultipacker on Ford tractor for packing then setting seed.
One more thing to add what a day it was for watching the colors change. The sunset's foliage was much more colorful than this morning's sunrise. WOW!!!! Some maples only tinged with colored extremities this morning were full blown looking like great balls of fire this evening. I was surrounded inside changing Technicolor all day long!
Wondering how tomorrow will turn out, I can hardly wait.


Paula said...

Great news about your book.

Donna said...

Oh, hush, Fern. Cliff is anxious too, but he has to wait until his final decals arrive, and also the tire black. If you don't behave, I'm not even going to show you a picture of the finished tractor!