Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching it up

Been busy, busy, busy, doing a little of this’d’that adding all of them together they’ve filled my last three days. The bestest accomplishment came to us late this afternoon when the repair engine assembly and the transmission finally slid together. I’ve hauled grain, unwrapped baked goods, rounded up livestock, exchanged damaged hay feeders for good. Some of this activity alone while Sneak was putting his long days shuttling combined corn to the elevators. Some of these activities alone. Sneak rained off the crop lands was my third’n’forth hands today, even with his help, it seemed we were getting absolutely nowhere for what seemed an eternity pushen'n'pullen, shoven, rocken, pryen, liften’n’loweren chain-falls. Bro’ likely coming out to draft us into helping him with his chores, he wound-up doing the laying on the floor part giving up movement directions until the two largest principle parts fit together. It’s hallelujah time. After my supper has settled a bit and it still ain’t to late after dark I may even celebrate this first minor accomplishment with either a short beer or a bottled wine sampler.
Oh yeah, had one more surprise three days ago, we’ve got a fresh brand new Fall calf to Winter this year again. Sorry, no picture ’cause I’ve just been to busy.

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