Sunday, October 16, 2011

What the…?
I slept 10 ½ hrs last night managing to haul water near every hour on the hour. Sneak’s got the squirts, his reporting his making treks between some of mine. Her Mostess since her waking later than either the two males under this roof is busily trying to catch up with her male cohorts.
Plan was to start taking Dumpy truck apart this morning. Don’t know if we should let Sneak get to far away from facilities. Oh well. Will have to wait a spell and see how he fares a bit later.
Oh oh? I run across a new word “keeks?” Hmmm, near as I can tell it has something to do with the more intimate going’s/on’s between a couple behind closed doors. Must have something to do with the un-uttered pleasures a couple share behind those closed doors. All I can imagine, those keek’s are not something openly shared in polite society. Trying to figure out a way to use this word is sort-a puzzling my mind. For now the closest I may venture to write could be from my own experiences, putting it this way, “While our urges have cooled, my memory continues to serve me well the many pleasurable keeks my beloved and I shared during our mating season’s.”
A late morning start we managed to put in three hours before partaking a late early to mid-afternoon dinner hour. Back at the Dumpy truck we were doing well making the progress needed to pull the engine, when we were interrupted. Was called upon to bury a cow.
Thinking it a simple mater to bury a cow didn’t work out quite like had thought it an easy task. The tractor refused to start, trying two sets jumper cables, cleaning battery terminals no soap, trading battery out of Ugly truck for the tractor’s five year old didn’t make a difference. The tractor temporarily dead for all practical purposes we towed the body out of the pasture to it’s eventual grave site. Looks like there’ll be some more wrenching tomorrow. Nuts! Why me?
Coming we beat the final sun down by fifteen minutes. TV stinks everything of any interest we’ve all already seen. So it’s a DVD movie from our library

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Paula said...

Our plans got changed yesterday because of a dead battery. They aways konk out at the most unopportune times.