Saturday, October 1, 2011

9-30-2011 Rains….

……continue having grown steadily fallen before daylight and continuing on throughout this entire day. It is rotten miserable headache making weather if I were asked.
Cold and wet still no wood in the house how am I supposed to find burnable dry wood in a continuous weathering downpour.
Still untrusting my basic physical being I opted to stay inside. ‘Sides, we’ve winds gusting to 35 mph. Hardly that kind of weather I want to roll around on cold concrete nor damp earth to work on both the Cushman and Dumpy. Dumpy’s brakes failings are driving me to near axe wielding distraction. But I wont get mad. Not me. One these days I shall prevail and get even, blasted truck. The Cushman’s brakes I’ve been merely turning the adjusters the wrong way. But that’s still a cold arsed drive in the rain to fit it into the shop.
So it’s another day to stay inside with a good book or somebody. To old for somebody as it were a few yrs back. I guess I’ll write some more on one my stories.
Mail coming received more forms for the aging to fill out. Sheesh, is this all guberment agencies have got to do with our tax dollars is to tax our aging minds with more and more questions? I’m beginning to think the only sure job anymore, is a body getting into this country’s bureaucracy for an early on the job retirement doing no more than mailing out and collecting questionnaires. Shucks, I think I failed to mention I had also filled one out yesterday. Varied questionnaires and forms, are these quick quizzes or graduating exercises given without time for study or open book examinations minus the books?
I’ve got the craziest feelings about all them do nothing near intrusive forms and then I could almost wish them papers back for wiping my back side. That would be one certain way they were in the end good for something. Bah!!!!

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