Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10-4-2011 Rambling Gab

So, let me prattle on just as if what I’ve got to say in important……
My worst for today’s pre-beginning a phone call in the middle of the night about a screwed up young man is in the hospital. Boozer/ Doper more important to this young man his wife unable to cope with his lengthy downward spiral and his abuse towards her, she’s divorced him and taken their only son with her moving far away for a new and better life.
Now alone in the world, his ex-mother-in-law has called me to see to her driven into the city and ex son-in-law’s bed side today (this AM). A charitable woman the older lady trying to creep up to my age displays a rare side of human nature I wish more of us had.
It’s just turning daylight and I’ve no idea how I’m going to pull off all I already have to do today plus be a chauffer’s (still unfound) guide to take her into town. Egads! How do I get into these fix’s? Before this newly pressing event was laid on me, I’ve a half a field un-baled hay waiting my making a morning fix an ailing hay baler and loader tractor to finish these post haste job’s today.
Nut’s! Before starting whatever, I’m feeding my face with cream cheese-ed bagels with a banana desert and black coffee chaser. Yesterday’s empty bottles run back to the super market I wanted some oranges. Discovering bananas at less than half the price per pound than my really wanted oranges of any kind. Yup, I bought’n’brought home banana’s.
Good reading John’s enough feed for some Texas cattle. Them animals are a big help keeping him busy with something to look foreword to busy. As, for the Jersey cow impersonator she’s till a Shorthorn Miss. While I’ve seen a many a Jersey cow clothed in fur colors from a light buff to a sincere dark like red or brown, there’ no mistaking them their awning like long eye-lashed eye’s. The very same eyes I had compared a certain young lady’s eyes to, which had in the long haul of those days had also helped seal my institutionalized fate for all so many these years.
Early wrenching we attacked both he baler scraper (me) and the 4020 JD spark plugs (Sneak). Happy as larks both of us thinken we’d finish hay baling today. Wrong-0. In the misty morning’s hour happy though we were until it had came to me an interruptus cell phone call. “You’ve got to grind today.” said Bro’s voice on the other end of the air line, “I’d like you to bring the 4-180 down to the holler-field. Put down the disc’s wings and drop the drag. I want to work that field up for planting.”
I told Sneak of the new additional wants and we figured we could handle it. Yeah! Right!
Some time during the day as we were going about doing our thing’s running out of time as it were, we had heard B&D had died 12 hrs after Hospital emergency admittance. Cause of the 41 yr olds death his pancreas had exploded do to alcohol abuse. Well he ain’t going to hurt or worry nor drink and do pot and dope anymore. What a waste! I hope his kid has learned something.
As the day wore on while Sneak and I completed a grind. Thinking we could get back to baling we’re summoned to the field the 4-180 was supposed to be working up. Bro’ thought the poorly running tractor under him was a low fuel cause. Nuts! Ugly down so to speak it was back to toting 5 gallon fuel cans. No longer a real winner where I’m concerned this decade. So we hauled fuel. Poured in tractor, the engine didn’t run any better. So it was Bro’ off to one the burb’s for a fuel filter. Double nuts! It was less than an hour until sundown. No time for baling hay the worn down state of mind I was by then in. So we took to elevating Dumpy on ramps and jacking up the Cushman. Shinnying under Dumpy I found the motor mounts broken down only new ones could cure. There were the causes for the machine to sound like the rods had loosened up then quieting down only under load. I see and feel Dumpy is going to be an ongoing restoration project. As for the Cushman I accomplished a proper brake adjustment on one side finding the other side to find it in a brake dragging condition. This means one these days that dragging brake hub’s got to come off for a proper inspection and fix..
The last thing we did for our evening’s entertainment was to deliver Her Mostess to a sleep study lab on the far west side the city. Bed sure felt the welcoming place to curl up under my blanky of choice. I was near out when my head hit the pillow.
How about this, I still had haying to look forward to tomorrow. Wasn’t I lucky?

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