Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Next day….

….and I’ve already over slept. Guess I supposedly got more done than I realized. I wrote on two urinal entries yesterday. Failed to complete the last one fallen a-sleep over the key board so neither one of them were posted. Running late rat now, and don’t know have to worry about when I’ll catch-up again. Catch-up? What am I writing. Taking inventory my wants: I got-a clean a shop area big-enough for dumpy truck;s parked entry. Spotted an unbroken (?) ST16 hood and some nice seats at scrap yard, other day, I can’t afford; yet, if I don’t get them they could win up in a clapper and I’ll never see another hooood again?
More later………
……...much much-late.
Knowen I had to grind grain. Knowen Dumpy truck becoming near impossible to shift it was decided to leave it rest out of the driveway’s way. The WD45 and 951 Ford tractors were released their cultipacker tows. Used the WD45 to bring empty ground feed wagon home, and the Cushman was driven to the elevator and back for supplements. Tom having come back to Michigan come by to borrow the ST16 to mow the hollow’s lawn. The 951 Ford towed Sneaks still half loaded trailer-load belongings out into the light of day so to get to the grinder-mixer. The machinery set here come the ST16 Tom parking it in front the low down barn.
Everything set, people satisfied and for the most part gone, Sneak and I commenced to grind supplemented feed fed the empty feed wagon. Meanwhile Bro’ had called, he’d made new first step for the 4020 JD liking to have it parked by shop so’s he could do some little welding. The JD delivered it was the Feed wagon’s turned parked in the usual feed dispensing area.
Next fixing to get a ride over to Lamrock’s scrap yard that thought was interrupted. Bro’ was on his way home with another load outdated commodities. Thankfully no carrots. But lots of cattle fattening bread. Hmm wow how the ladies do scramble be sure each and every one of them get their share. I didn’t do to badly myself. Brought home tonight’s coffeecake desert and mornings two bags donuts.

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Donna said...

Well, Cliff got his tire-black yesterday and applied it. The only thing left is to receive the final decals and put them on.