Sunday, October 9, 2011

10-8-2011 At it all day

Up, out, and at it so unusually early I near had to kick the rooster off his roost. Crap! It’s Saturday night and I am thoroughly beat. The Hell with this. I’ll just have to try and remember tomorrow what all I might have done today. Nite-Nite! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……
I'm Back!!!
Spread hand shoveled the last of the elevator’s lime supply’s.
Sneak unloaded Cushman.
The disc broke another axle for Bro’. While the troops looked to fixing that, I made for Otisville for motor mounts and sparkplugs (2 stops), Went up road to visit scrap yard (Lawn Tractor not there), shopped supermarket (primarily milk), pharmacy for ‘scrips’, gas station for Dumpy’s fuel hungry appetite, and back home. Made this round about trip in just under an hour-n-a-half! A hunter (I) can do this in record time. If Her Mostess (gatherer) had gone along we’d been gone for hours. I returned 4-180 to field. Dropped AC hay-rake off Ford tractor for cultipacker. Made work field for rock picking three loads 1st one by myself, last 2 with a new neighbor meeting wanting rocks. Having to unload them some place I (we) dropped last the 2 loads in his yard.
This is the synopsis for the day, with one exception, outside all day I watched the colors change becoming even more vivid than the way they were the day before.

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