Sunday, October 23, 2011


It could not have a more non productive day than today. Fillip and I staying home Bro’ had told us we were going to run these ladies through the chutes starting 9:30 AM. By not showing up until 11:30 AM he had managed to thoroughly waste us a half a day. In the mean-between-time Fillip and I managed clean the clutter and sweep the dirt off the Cushman. Then we commenced to reload it with firewood. When he did show up, we run all the ladies into the larger holding pen. As long as he had Keith and Shane for help, Fillip and I cut out.
We should have taken dinner, it was that late. But, instead we lowered the engine into that hollow place under Dumpy’s hood. By 2:00 PM Fillip and I were about fed up with our sorry attempts to slip the engine and transmission together. We actually ended up removing the engine a second time. We striped all our work down having to take a file to smoothing off some sticking the assemblies rough edges. When we left this afternoon (Hell, it was mid evening) we had to do some marketing for Sneaks lunches. Still don’t know if they’ll be able to negotiate the fields with their heavy trucks. If Sneak’s got another day off tomorrow I know where he’s going to spend some his time.
Oh Lawd, I’ve got to make some phone calls on Her Mostess’s behalf. I want that stubborn engine seated in Dumpy‘s bowels, and still need to be here when I’m called for two social worker’s visits. This’ll all likely require more filled out forms before all this settling into some new ways to live out some of the next days left of our lives.
I know getting down’n’up the floor working on the dumpy truck is doing a hell of number wearing me out. I remember when it was a lot easier getting back up off the floor or the ground for that matter.
One glorious observation: I’m ecstatically happy to be blessed with either a floor or a bit of earth under my feet. Why? Why of-course when I happen to drop examples of either a nut’n’bolt or a wrench. Any of these misfortunes I’m pleased that item may not have dropped any further than the surface I happen to be standing on! See how simple a single little blessing may be so helpful. I’m telling it like it is. Every once in a while my modest smarts almost frightens me.

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