Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good as a mile miss

Having picked up Her Mostess after her sleep study, do to efficient brakes, poor aim and Mother Natures will three deer missed being grilled, roasted to a turn, and scraped off the front on Bro’s van…
Picking up my boss lady she complained she’d had one the worst sleeps of her life. The bed was to soft. Suppose she might have felt a pea under the mattress. Suppose…?
Returned home, a quick breakfast I was out baling hay under an over night dew a duck could have swum on. Before coffee break I baled another wagon load damp hay for the wrapper. I seen us closing the wrapped cell (looks like a giant long white caterpillar) for it’s three month rest. During that rest something happening inside that air tight cell: pickling maybe the agriculturists call it, some fermentation I call it from some of the smells coming to my nose when I’m feeding it. But I’ll have you all know, whatever happened when we weren’t looking, I don’t let any my bovine ladies drive either while or after consuming this mid-winter’s luscious bounty.
Last I heard B&D’s gonna be cremated. His ex-wife’s gonna clean his (once theirs) house out. It’ has been in foreclosure for some time Looks like the bank’ll get the house’n’property before the new year.
Beyond me some folks can waste their time and lives drinken their entertainment. Me, I enjoy putting in my time down in the shop either making something work again or assembling the likes of my Cushman, a couple entirely different electric fence gates, and how about my supposedly (engineer bunked) non-workable electric fence wire winder. It’s my guess its conception was to easy for them comprehend?
Speaking of Cushman, I took son Sneak out back an showed him how my fence winder worked. He was enthralled, either that, or he was messing with my creative mind? Five wires rolled up and stowed upon a corner “T” post. We’d also picked up the electric fence posts from two those same runs and tied them to a corresponding corner “T” post. Sneak was dually impressed with my organization. Even when my fences were taken up they continued to remain in handy deployment place kit form.
Yup, have always thought that boy had a lot on the ball. (grin)
The Sun’s gone down. Sitting here in the twilight zone, I’m more than ready for an early sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day. Been told one of the disc’s gangs has a broken axel. Whooppee! That implement needing an early start I must have found transport for Frieda’s cardiologist’s appointment. Doc’ll be looking at her sleep study, her recorded history from her supposedly three week worn heart monitor, and likely another EKG.. I don’t know what to either hope or pray for her welfare?
Nuts! I don’t know what I want to write anymore. I’ve simply have to lay it down.

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