Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wench lost today

About ready to go out, Juan called, “Discount shopper’s day, Amigo!” We were gone, getting back at about the crack of noon.
Hit elevator, picked up empty grain box, setup machinery and ground grain for an afternoon activity primer. Then for some real fun we put the 445 baler in the barn. That was a teamster’s job and a half with only about an outside foot clearance either side the Oliver I had to use to park the baler indoors. Next afternoon’s steps followed us haying the ladies which included a have to move the last tractor out of way, for a last round about the farmyard drive. This next move lead us to the 4-180 White, Tom parked in the yearly winter swamp, with two implements in tow. A fairway cleared 24’ wide I drove the 4-180 out of its potential lower Winter water hole right out on to the road, up the road, through the farmyard drive proper, and out into the Westside’s roadside pasture on yonder to/thru the near back pasture and beyond driven the long way into the hay-yard where we dropped the implements. Next I parked the 4-180 in the nearer convenience of my domicile’s electrical outlets for cold season’s monthly battery charges all the tractors batteries. Well late into the afternoon it was break time. It was hot tea for me, coffee milked break for Sneak. Lastly we delivered the ground grain. When even if it were for only a few minutes we should have maybe at least looked at Dumpy’s motor mounts. Blast it! Forget it! I’ll (we’ll) look at the motor mount problems come, us up fresh, tomorrow morning. The shadows were lengthening. I’d seen the motor mounts had problems last night! It was time to go home.

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