Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain changes…..

…..the way things getting done around here.
Rain all night and likely continuing all day has brought harvesters and transport trucks home to roost. Way I here it Sneak’s truck was a three or four time break-downer all day yesterday. More anti-freeze leaks, a short or open circuit causing the truck‘s refusal to start, and a fire under the floorboards. If I hadn’t mentioned it also this Sneak’s job and harvesting fun is just around the corner at the Sixguy’s Farm.. There work today in-a big shop Snaks trucks under full cover for repairs and causes. I got-a tell ya, while farm trucks don’t necessarily roll up the miles the irregular terrain sure puts a strain on the platform, cab, engine, and suspensions.
Me, I woke up to Charlie-horse (or cramp). That’s a great way to start any day. Lack of house work done around here has this house looking like a disaster area. Sneak’s long working hours, my also long Fall days, particularly the time to take the Dumpy truck apart so’s we may put in our time waiting for parts.
I’m thinking whitch ever the one of us who gets his outside the house work done early today, he being first, will get back here and attack this mess. I’m worrying it’ll be me. I could use a wash tub just for soaking dishes. Have I ever mentioned I like paper plates?
Her Mostess, is still in bed, as I write these little rural gems. Meanwhile I’ve got my rattlers taken. Making plans to bring home a small floor jack, my nt looking for to bring the Cushman out into the rain. ‘Sides if I took it down the road, there’s no room for it in the shop. A flat tire maybe but not the whooooole thing! (grin)
The wood-stove is into it’s third straight full day’s in use. The heating season is here. I’m needing a string on my finger to check our winter’s fuel oil supply level before oil prices again rise?
I don’t remember what I did all morning but I got it all done. Noon Sneak come walking in the door rained out of the corn and bean field harvests.
This morning he spent with the r est of the harvesting mob going over his tractor, mechanican it for when they may next either get on the fields or hauling beans to distanced elevators. But for this afternoon he was mine. Between us we finished taking further dis-assembly the Dumpy trucks power plant.
Calling an innumerable number of auto wreckers no used parts were available for dumpy trucks clutching needs. Phone shopping around I found prices all over the place. Not only did the cheapest quoter get my order he also impressed me with what he knew of my needs. Parts will be here any time AM I get around to picking them up. 5:30 AM if I want them. The most we did we removed the bell housing. Oooh what we found, the remainder of the transmission bolts were loose. Dirt was found between everything. The transmissions input shaft pilot bearing was eatened out. The clutch fork and pivot ball both scored to uselessness. A portion the throw out bearing’s collar broken out.
Tomorrow’s tinkering will involve replacing the broken motor mounts. With some preliminary engine bell housing, and starter assembly I’ll be laying out and making new for the conglomerate assembly a new inspection cover I’ll make to keep farm dirt’s out of the bell housing’s housed parts.
A headachy day coming home an hour early to a warm fire was what I needed. Not only that, I need to pitch in with the household chores.
Supper and desert were simple leftovers.
Scarcely looking forward to tomorrow. Been told I need to catch two calves. They’re likely going to be in one muddy yard by tomorrow morning. Also informed the feed box is empty. Grand! Weather reports calling for steady rains up to as much as three inches rain. Grand!
Looks like a grand time all day tomorrow?

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