Saturday, October 15, 2011


Was supposed to rain Wednesday but didn’t start here until Thursday with sprinkles turning into some light showers Friday with some more serious rain this morning.
The sewn Winter rye ought to be coming up momentarily with a good Fall’s soaking rain’s start.
Slept sound enough I did not entirely enjoying some weird if not bizarre dreams. Thankfully I can’t remember the story lines let alone any their details.
Some stiff breezes have brought down some leaves making some spotty golden carpets under some trees in our neighbor’s yards. Steadier rains over night have washed some more leaves down. So, my golden carpet is water logged. Going to be a long wait until my yard’s dry enough to mulch. Me, with more than enough farm chores to keep me busy I’ve merely raked not enough leaves out of the ditch their burned on the road’s shoulder started by some careless passer by motorist.
I’m issuing a travel warning:
I noticed yesterday one of our potential Snow Birds taking down their mailbox, post included. I’ll venture to predict they’ll be flying low for Arizona any day now. Yup, just one more indication it could be an early tough upcoming Winter.
An admittion:
I failed to make the last two urinal offerings last night. Catching up the one for day’4’last I’m skipping last night’s. ‘Sides nothing remotely adventuress let alone exciting happened all day.
We did put the old baler in the lower shed. Swapped Ollie’s on newer baler parking it out here to put away next time’s grind. Never made it to store. Just sort of took it easy most the day. This is all I’m saying. Tough!
Oops, seems I repeated myself again the last couple days. So, live with it. I do! (grin)
Today? I goofed off a fair share of it. We did finally clean the shop out. Dumpy trucks going in there first thing tomorrow morning. Then we’ll see how long it’ll take us to pull the engine out.
Oh yeah! The recently seeded Winter rye field is showing some green. From where I was sitting in passing that field today it is looking good.
One more thing:
Son’s cat Stats has decided to part time take over my lap. It seems I’ve no choice in the matter which does not in any way make my two fingered typing any easier. Originally an outdoor cat he hasn’t gone outside since he’s gotten here. Fact is he refuses to go. He’s a whale of a mouser. Might be in his mind, “Why give all this free lunch up?”

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