Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dumpy's Day

Callen TSC evening last they had me a Cushman’s tire inner tube set aside. So I hit the road really badly needing it bad. Roding through Clio driving as if I was on a mission. Once I was inside the TSC merchant-eel I picked up cat foot, three bag salt, and my inner tube. Returning to the road again running Clio again I found I had won a food lottery. It filled the Ugly truck passenger seat. Next stop the Otisville pharmacy picking up Her Mostess’s prescription, another half block Ugly gassed I was headed home.
A leisurely lunch, I was shop bound. My assuming Sneak had removed a certain motor mount bolt When I was ready Dumpy wasn’t, refusing to give up its engine to my wanten arms and wondering mind. When I did finally had the engine hanging free of Dumpy’s empty insides I found the pressure plate in sorry condition all the fingers near worn into. The engine spilling some fluids into the engine compartment further examination’s waiting until morning.
Turning away from Dumpy I unloaded Ugly truck some. I mixed salt, delivering some to Bro’s ladies, the mob nearly running me over to boot. Then my trying to get out of there the Grace cow wanted to inspect my emptied bucket all the way to the gate. Animals can be so funny.
Finally packing it in, leaving shop I stopped by an on running neighborhood yard sale to check out some motoring bicycle bike racks. Wanted to see if they were easily adaptable to front tractor grill mounting for AT transportation.
Home and unloading more Ugly truck, I put tools down in barn along with an air tank, and cat food. All in all not a bad day managing to get a lot done in-spite being on the road half the day. Oh yeah, Ugly behaved marvelously making all my driving a pleasant trip twice through one town plus once a village.

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Donna said...

Fern, pics of the finished Oliver 1855 are on my blog.