Friday, October 21, 2011

Dumpy Hurdles

Diligently thinking we’re going to set the Dumpy Truck’s world on fire we were soon disillusioned that wasn’t going to happen today. We found three of the four transmission to the bell housing bolt holes stripped. Nuts! It was time to call out for more parts and tools. Having spent a small fortune by the time we got to town after a slow morning’s start involvement with other farm issues here, I was about to spend again half the price those parts cost me, for more tools and parts we didn’t have. For starts we bought and brought home a helli-coil set of tools and the new coil-threads. Home (shop) we found we needed a 17/32 drill bit we didn’t have. On the cell phone again all I found was there wasn’t going to be an easy acquisition for one either. Then coming to our ears Bro’ was going to make a run into Flint. He’d get a bit for us. Meanwhile Sneak’s another day off right on into next Monday morning maybe? Oh yeah, Save-A-Lot just up the street we wheeled in for an assortment of coffees to satisfy some caffeine craze appetites around here.
New thoughts involving Cushman were put on hold with an incoming phone call. The livestock semen tank needing topping off The CO2 delivery man was looking for a way in to fill the farm’s semen tank. The tank refilled the Cushman skipped for the delivery man’s need I went back to work on Dumpy. Sneak finished up pressure washing the rotary-mower-conditioner clean so we may put it up and away for the Winter.
Bro’ making an appearance with the needed drill bit I immediately went to work drilling out three stripped holes. Re-threading them for the helli-coils took a little time making Bell housing ready for bolting tomorrow. I managed to cut out a new homemade inspection cover to replace the original missing one. So that’s were we left the shop. A body may “win some lose some. There’s always tomorrow.” Progress upon the new cover shall continue tomorrow from where I left off.
Have learn we’ve an dead old fallen over Oak tree to cut up for firewood today. That wood will make our woodstove dance when January gets here.
Coming in this evening the home fire’s burning sure felt good against the chilly dampness’s having homesteaded within my aching bones throughout the day. Passing through my doors, washing up, washed up, I indulged myself with a delicious cup of hot tea. I know I had written I’d like crumpets with my tea; alright, I had to settle for shortbreads. These indulgences held me over until supper was served. This was my day!

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