Saturday, October 1, 2011

Half Over…..

……already gone my extending this month in my measure of combined look’s at them, Septober. Why a lengthened month? It gives me more time to get Fall things done? A lot of good it helps me this Fall. Scrounging for dry firewood out here beside the house. I don’t help any the way I’ve been feeling…err…failing the last three days.
Good glory Moses, I slept in this morning. That gets a lot done my sleeping up daylight. Burning all sensibilities I had two poached eggs on toast this morning. Then forced myself to wear a, depends, safe guard before venturing out to tackle my corner of Shorthorn country….
What next? Well, I asked for it! A pretty misery sweetheart posted A picture of Cliff's redone 1855 and what do I get? I get to look at a many pictures of his beautiful project in associated kit form. ;)
Wow, wonderful, 'tis going to be done just in time for Winter's baptizing. Take a look here:
Shorthorn country's Fuzzy
PS: I'm Oliver green with jealousy!
Got another one them infernal gobberment forms in the mail to fill out and send back. Hey, this one was even sent along with it a prepaid return envelope. This is a third form a third day in a row…..
I’m getting it down this getting in and out of those “Depends” safeguard‘s. Stayed close to home again today. Tummy just sort of rolling over’s’over inside me, I didn’t feel like hitting the road even if it were only for two miles. Could be I mighen not make it two miles back if I had too.
Frieda thinken it may have been a muskmelon I had eaten over a couple weeks ago? Me, I’m thinking I had taken a chill. Didn’t help any getting all cold and soaked to the skin yesterday’s haying. Unwrapped I fed one of them to my ladies this morning.
Not far to go, I’m planning on cutting another hay field outback tomorrow. Playing in my own backyard I’ll be just that much closer to the facility.

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