Monday, October 24, 2011


Today was the day Frieda’s cardiologist’s appointment had been moved a week up to. I made a phone call Frieda taking over giving all the wrong answers to some very pertinent questions. So far any positive action on it this request is leaning hard and long in the negative direction. Our first or is she the second or even maybe the third social worker to suggest we apply for this help with this help angle try. Maybe a forth SW?
Oh well, between social worker calls over land line, stopping by the house personal appearances while fitting the cardiologist in as well sure blew away this day. Late afternoon I did manage to fit in some shop time at the other end. I assisted loading out three stacks two of them pallets and the third a stack of heavy cardboard boxes. Bro’ satisfied, I turned some my time towards Dumpy truck re-lifting the engine. Engine hanging free I found the clutch fork had slipped. The throw-out bearing way off center had hindered the engine’s installation in any way, shape, manner, or form. Maybe I’ll have another (solitary this time) go at putting the engine in Dumpy truck again tomorrow.
Doing several small chores I’m surprised I managed to have gotten anything done.

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