Sunday, October 9, 2011

An admonishment?

I’ve been admonished or warned to the extent I may be reprimanded or denied or deprived a pictured look at the finished or the finalized article. I’ve been warned to choose the words I use depicting my behavior more carefully. All I did was write a few questioning comments upon a particular article or about a particular piece of art in progress by a little known artist.
I shall not be silenced, I’m declaring my witing freedom under one of the original ten admittances.
I forgot to write into my last evening’s urinal entry Sneak’s unavoidable or most unfortunate accidental burying (sticking/stuck) the Ford tractor in an area of extremely fine (sugar like) sand. (this could have been some more fun but I shall leave it alone after today. (hahahohohehe)
A picture my hay-yard
There’s much more hay here than what really meets the eye. These hay bales are twice the size a weights as last years harvested finished goods.
This morning’s activities included Sneak finishing up the cultipacking. The field’s ready for tomorrow’s planting and the tractor’s ready to cultipack it all-over again.
I hustled us some gasoline filling every can I could find. Did some PR-ing my way home. Got back to Sneak just as the Ford was running out of gas. Fed tractor a token amount to go; and, then left to retrieve a proper funnel. Returned to field and topped of Ford’s fuel. Then took myself over to extend my family’s condolences over the long past A&D stupored friend who’d died last week. While there I partook of three pieces different cakes and two kinds cookies. Before I returned home for lunch I had eatened some very delicious deserts.
Sneak’s seeing deer everyday he’s asking me if I saw them? Heck no, I hadn’t seen them. My only excuse, my aging, I’m missing a lot of things. Besides deer weren’t something on my mind everyday for the whole of this last working week.
Sneak home moments before me we had lunch before taking some whole new list of important Fall activities. Sneak and I started sort green wood from seasoned loading the later on Cushman. Then when we each was on collision course way with the other moving the firewood from the Cushman into the house I retired down to the barn and brought out the ST16 lawn tractor and more liken brushier my whole lawn to knock it down some. Well over a foot tall tangled grasses mess I felt it fortunate I could shorten it for sure. Given all that waves of cut grasses cover the lawn I give all of it time to dry down another cutting in a few days will make those grasses easier to cut closer to their Mother Earth.
As it turned out I finished first, put my swept off equipment away, and traded places with Sneak so he could start (bunk (fix) supper. Unsure what time I took my meds supper was ready within ten minute one way or the other a standard chosen guess. Shucks, I was hungry. Just barely beating sundown into the house it’s darn near dark into my eating my supper. After maybe cooking a chicken for a guessed week supper wasn’t to bad made with a bunch of curly cued noodles thrown, stirred, into the broth…. Life’s good.

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I'm not shutting up either. So there.