Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dumpy’s Day

It was after being caught and survived two ambushes I’ve finally gotten the Dumpy truck together enough today after I’ve installed a new set sparkplugs and the hood‘s back on, we should be ready to go.
Thinking next two immediate projects. Find Dumpy truck’s new doors up in barn wherever they are and paint them inside and out. More importantly get the old blue 4x4 in shop to pull engine transmission assembly. Need trans for ugly. Can (will) use short block for Greeny truck’s engine repairs. When both engines Ugly and Greeny engines are out they’ll both be rolled over for their rods and mains plasti-gauging.
On/in the home front a pallet’s been set in the basement. I carried in three kinds tators, with one more kind still coming up from the barn. Repackaged two crates apples. Consolidated three kinds squash in another box. Must re-crate these when I find another crate.
Enough produce dungeon stored. I think’s I’ll see the ladies feed on the surpluse surpluses.
Okay; so I ain’t exciting. I haven’t made up my mind whether the days are to long or too short. Have got a bunch oods’n’ends stuff still needing winterizing. And one last Ollie to free for whatever use deemed needed later. This is it.

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