Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Finish
This last line of wrapped hay wasn't supposed to be. Weather turned cold and wet these last three weeks I was determined we make it through the winter.
Bales easily seen on right Bro' brought in two loads surplus buy from a local sheep farmer. Looking good, I'm thimken we'll go into winter after this with surpluses. I like it that away.
Done….at last, finished, done up, did in, completed, ended, concluded, accomplished, consummated, or….otherwise kaput.
The morning started out building fire and turning furnace on for Her Mostess’s shower. My having to hang around my morning was going to be a late starter. Wimmin!? Once was done with her I had to move tractor and broken implement to shop for disc harrow broken axle fix. That was a good start I then had to supervise the removal of the damaged disc gang. Once this accomplished it was time to get my troubles on the rod.
The biggest thing today was my transporting Her Mostess to a stress test appointment which turned into an on the go adventure going something like this. Bro’s driving his van taking Frieda and I to her appointment, When Frieda asks me, “Do you know where we‘re going?”
My first thought, “What the devil is this?” Then answered her, We’re going to keep your Doctor’s appointment.”
“Yeah,” she’d said, “but, I’m supposed to have a stress test today.”
“All I know,” I started answering her, “He gave me a card for Frieda an appointment in his office today.”
“Well that ain’t right.” Frieda tells me.
What next? Then Bro’ chimed in with, “Well, somebody better find out something! Call your Doctor.”
So, I got on the cell and called our Doc’s office and going over Doc’s head again I talked to his office manager wife. I told her of our rolling problem, “We’re on our way to keep Frieda’s appointment and don’t know where to go?”
One of us mentioned her cardiologist, and Doc’s boss lady said she call his office and find out. Only moments later she’d called me back. We were headed in the right direction. Even if we should be late, “Come on ahead. We’ll fit her in.” By that time I had told her so, we were going to be but maybe ten minutes late. And we were. Then come to find out if we’d been on time Frieda the first patient, they weren’t ready for her as it was. Some four hours later either Frieda or Doc’s staff were through (with her). It was time to go home. That was just as soon as chauffeur Bro’ showed up.
Home, to late for lunch, also early for supper I snacked for a long half hour before cutting out for shop and disc harrow repairs. The axle Bro’ welded during my office sitting all I had to do was see to the parts reassembly. While I hardily worked in a supervisory position I let Sneak and Shane gain the learning experience of heavy machinery repair. This is just one more my flexible sides. (grin)

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