Monday, October 3, 2011

Septober Fools

I a-woke this morning with every honest intention of seeing our hay making finished today. Honest Injun! Let me tell it as the day unfolded.
Almost up the length of the ramp I’ve set and filled several molasses tubs with spent $.10 deposit glass, aluminum and plastic pop and beer containers. Well, the dew so heavy this AM I thought it best to let the hay dry just a wee bit before baling it. So Sneak and I set about sorting roughly about eight
bushel deposit containers. Only took a few minutes and we were off with about six sorted out bushels to go.
The sorting paid off in time saved. Plastic in plastic hole, aluminum in can holes glass in glass holes. Opps, I’m afraid I’ve failed to explain returning our deposit bottles and tins the supermarkets use collection machines what read and correlate the container labels. When were finished the machine prints us out a voucher receipt for our returned deposits. What we’d brought to and tucked away brought us nearly $25.00 in shoplifting cash. That wasn’t to bad a hall and it also emptied ten bushels them miserable sticky containers. Didn’t take long to spend it either.
Checking out what few things we picked up while we were there I used my bank debit card. The Eagle had landed don’t you know this weekend: so, I also debited some cash as well so I could pay my neighbor in the next mile for the Dumpy truck panels he’d brought me about three weeks ago. (a small laugh here) Then as I was turning around there was Dave near right behind me having some paper work copied for some mail he had to send off. Surprised we were seeing each other I was delighted. With this meeting I paid him off able to skip looking him up later.
Once Sneak and I were home we took to doing our individual tasks. He manned the gates to see me off my to balling the mowen hayfield. Then he had the groceries to tend to, move the ladies hay ring further out in their pasture and fill it with hay. Next he was to eventually join me to load hay bales for hauling and wrapping.
By and by Sneak joining me I had baled ahead of him near enough hay to make him a load to put together. I was doing alright for a decently long spell before the baler started acting up. Of-course with Sneak’s assistance we managed to unplug a roller so’s it’d turn free again and I managed to more bakes, before becoming disgusted. It was quitting time, lunch time, make from shop want list.
When it was about hauling away the hayladge time, Sixguy’s called me, I’d better be getting shelled corn while the getting was at hand. They had two trucks coming in the morning to take away all their bin cleanings before their own harvesting's. While this procuring more shelled corn was a necessity I hadn’t planned on doing it today. That movement around the block took up some our time also adding to shortening perfectly sought after day to finish the haying.
I don’t know were it had all went. By time we had gotten back to our place we’d used up most the day. Of-course we had wrapped what we had hauled away. Found and loaded everything on the want list either into or onto the truck. AND, it don’t help whenever we come near Bro’ he’s a list of his own he needs help with and there’s gone our day.
It was about a half hour before sundown Sneak and I had finished tarping the shelled corn wagon. Little enough time left to do any more, without a lot of hard thinking upon my part I called it our day done. We unloaded Dumpy truck and closed up the barn. It was dark before I had finished my supper.

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Paula said...

wow thats great. Who couldn't use $25? I recycycle all the plastic and glass but don't get paid for it but I'm glad I'm able to do it.