Sunday, October 23, 2011

10-22-2011 TGIF

Sneak and I tried for all we were worth to get somewhere with the Dumpy truck repairs. Two or three setbacks had us scrambling for more parts, some special exhaust manifold studs for exhaust pipe installation when that time comes. before the parts suppliers closed shop today. By the end of my having hit the wall day my mind was in no mood to take any foolish chances on trying to set the engine back into truck. BUT, that engine is ready. All the new parts except the klutzy new clutch fork went into reassembly.
Was visited today by another social worker for the aged checking on Frieda. Oh boy, Between condition and eligibility for other services. This isn’t exactly doing my disposition any good. Now, there’s a line I’ve written wrong. Putting it this way, between an almost daily assortment (one at a time) of forms to fill in/out, and the doors hinges being worn thin with a selection of professional medical people coming and going for my Frieda’s benefit They’s wearing me down and out. We’ve a nurse a week and two physical therapists making three day trips a week now add a social worker or two a week each one a specialist in her field.
It’s found Frieda’s eligible for this’n’or’that more times than I may count. Next problem is getting it? Seems Monday I’ve been drafted to speak upon Frieda’s behalf again. She’s already had me doing her paper work now she’s insisting I do her speaking for her. That ought to tie my up on the phone for an hour or two. AND, another social workers coming in again Monday plus the one who had been here today will be back. I think we have as many as four social workers visiting our home a month now in addition to the two physical therapists and two nurses. I be damned if I ain’t thinking about installing bleachers in out living room arena. And, for half these peoples visits Frieda calls me off whatever I maybe trying to do. That’s alright; for she’s been the center of my world, my anchor, friend, confidant, moral booster, supporter, encourager, and pleasurable mate.
Up early this morning I experience cramps and shakes both in my hands. Now, that’s a nuisance. But, I persevered. It hadn’t been such a bad sunny day for one that was supposed to have rained all over us.
Here’s hoping Sneak and I success setting the engine back into Dumpy truck tomorrow.

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Paula said...

I had to laugh at you installing bleachers. Good you can keep your sense of humor. You are a good husband Fernan and I know Frieda would do the same for you if she could.