Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots-a Rain

It’s rained all night the night I slept. I heard the bells of Saint Mary’s a thousand choruses strong ringing all their bells simultaneously, the cable having gone out. I had listened to the wind blowing under/around the eves. I listened to the wind whistling its tunes through all the cracks around the windows and doors. I heard the basement’s sump pump removing water filtered through the basement walls. Standing on the wet rear entry door floor looking down at the barn I could see water running through that same barnyard’s creek.
Cable coming back on, its bottom traveling broadcasting lines told us of all manner of overnight happening leading right on into today: power outages, chain reaction E-way accidents, school and community closers, and floods, for the most part all this action north of us about the Saginaw and Michigan’s thumb areas.
Fillip’s rained out and/or off the Fall harvest for a few days. Otherwise going to be a busy day. I had been informed a need for more ground grain, there’s the wanted capture two calves to putting them up in barn.
When I get back to Dumpy truck is anyone’s guess. Sneak thinks he’s seen clutch inspection cover seen on side the road around the corner. Be nice if it’s the one and fits, otherwise I must make one.
After a near fruitless morning’s attempt to look like we knew what we were doing we finally made it into the closest burg and picked up all of Dumpy’s needed parts. Brand new they were. It’s scarce the rebuilder’s who rebuild clutch parts anymore. Resting ready to go in he shop (the parts) Sneak and I came home for a bite.
Mid day hungries satisfied we retrieved the empty wagon, stopped by the elevator for supplements, and moseyed home just like we were supposed to do. Sneak’s finally emptied the wood hauler out of the way waiting new adventures hauling in firewood. Raining as hard as it seemed to be slow soaking me to the skin as the day wore on. We’ve had three inches rain over the last 24 hrs. Needless to say I had had my fill, drying tractor seats out the sitting down on them the bloating hard-way. Today I have repeatedly wet my britches a number of times. When I hit the sack this evening where nobody’s going to see it I’ll be slipping my wetted wrinkled arse between the sheets hopping when risen in the morning they’ll look freshly ironed.
I don’t care if it’s an hour or two hours short a full day, I’ve (we’ve) put in our weathered time. It had turned into a hunkering down around the blazing woodstove for solace and warmth. To the seeked well being feeling I may very seriously add a hot steeped cup of tea served up in a fine china cup to my early evening revitalization. Anyone seen any crumpets around here?
A couple incidentals:
1st one; whilst jockeying equipment and machines around for the grind, my stepping down from the Ugly truck, low and behold, what did my wandering eyes spy? Why the very fancy Dumpy truck keys Sneak had lost a couple weeks ago. As they are the originals I’m taking serious charge of them from here on out.
2nd one; as sneak and I were capping and wrapping up our late afternoon quitting time talking about laying today’s tarps used over things in the barn to dry out, while leaning on Ugly truck’s box-side Sneak catches a gander at a deer out off yonder almost roughly a quarter mile away along the western property line. Even continuing roughly told we saw at least five deer, one of them a buck with a truly magnificent spread. And, nobody sitting out in today’s rain to have a crack at them (him). (hehe) Meanwhile I see no point telling any doubting Thomas’s about them. I’m tired being told I don’t know of what I talk about. Well, this time I have a witness. I’ve suggested to Sneak he keep what we’ve seen our secret.

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