Saturday, November 14, 2009

11-13-o9 Sneakies

Well, maybe they weren’t sneakies, but here’s what they were:
I had managed to stop long enough to see my K9 buddy Scooby yesterday. Gee whiz, It was reported to me over a quick coffee stop, I had inadvertently to picked up toy from Miss Loopy’s trash a lengthy piece of cylindrical foam with a hole down the middle. I saw it a insulation over my pipes in the basement. Seems that supposed quick stop was witnessed by my four footed buddy and it upset him something fierce. So having stopped by later, I had managed to earn some appeasement. There was no rough housing just some of my light scratching his rum and some gentle petting between his ears. I wish him well soon passing whatever it is he had ingested to have upset his systems.
Hope all goes well with Scooby his visit the vet’s clinic today.
Frieda got her friend Sue to take her to the foot doctor’s office yesterday. Cost? Buy them diner out was the unreturnable price. I was lucky I got any money back…. Restraint food (LOL, I like that food experience description) seems to go along with the wading effort through any eatery’s menu. Scads of questions arise: Is it good for me? Is it compatible with my medications? Which list it on, I can or can I not have? What’s it cooked in, fat, what kind of fat (oil). I can’t have peanuts! Is there anything I can have what I haven’t had in such a long time I may indulge in making it only a wee bit naughty?
Frieda taking charge her drink, she ordered a cup hot water and dipped her very own herbal tea bag. The lady’s got nerve.
I think I’m becoming addicted to watching “Fly Away Home” again. 9A true story repeated for a movie) I’m in awe that story the geese shown the way south by a couple people flying ultra lights. I’m repeatedly amazed by those birds and the young actress leading them day after day. I’m also amazed at the film crews dedicated efforts film the whole growing, training, learning planning, processes that took place for a near year for all those people involved..
Oh Crap. Gun opener deer season only two days away, I got to unload the Cushman. I just know it wants to participate. It’s become traditional. I’ve got to do that today! Vet’s coming tomorrow to pregnancy check all the ladies and breed heifers. That’ll mess up any preparatory time tomorrow night.
It is tomorrow already. So! Trying to fill in missing time for this day (yesterday) is beyond me. I know I was busy all day. Wait a moment, let me try to recant: I went to TWP office for a burn permit. While I was in the village I was going to gas up Ugly. Then managed to forget to do that for the second day in a whole row. I set and watched a couple burn piles burn. While they burned I filled three two bushel tubs with wood chips and sticks for winter kindling. Ho-boy, the two bushel wood chips filled tubs get heavy. Aging telling I had to lower the wood hauler’s tailgate to load them.
I’ve spent a good time chiseling prescription meds out of this infernal blister packaging.
Cheese and crackers, I sure didn’t look forward to sitting by the fire my life and limbs within my own hands taking some serious chances cracking those damned pills out of these ultra sick minded pharmaceutical packaging’s.
To regress for a moment I saw Tom’s wife at the supermarket. She’d dyed the gray roots of her strawberry blond hair. I-carumba, Looking at her renewed image, I suddenly felt twenty years older. (sigh)

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Paula said...

Well I wasn't expecting that. You look ten years older? Or whatever you said.