Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I know….

...I don't know. Haven't even looked outside. It'll make little difference what I see. I have to grind regardless. Then I want to cut down a couple trouble-some trees. And now with the seasons moving around in circles as they do on the farm there's plenty of shop work to keep Herr Clink's charge out of trouble.
This was my morning’s opening statement. Only I’m sure and afraid what I have got to do will be laborious today unless I cheat at it with some honest skulduggery. Then what I want to do I’ll have to postpone. And, shures as crap happens there’s shop work and house work. Well, I’ll be here to see how it all works out?
Had to do it all by myself this morning. Bummer! All I saw before I started my day was a lot of agonizing weight lifting. (moan & groan) I don’t remember everything, soooo, as been the custom more and more lately I’ll write the condensed version.
Starting the morning I brought feed wagon home. Instead of dropping wagon for taking the pallet supplements off the barn floor I simply put that pallet of goods on a pair of handy saw horses. Worked out nicely. Supplements set with a lot of man handling I set up the grinder. The grinder running I tapped out all the caked bags supplement with the broad side of a hand axe into a heavy duty old protein tub. From the tub I shoveled the supplements into a bucket pouring it into the mixer. It all went reasonably well considering thee expected weight lifting I managed to avoid. Everything put away it was lunch time.
The afternoon I did more chores. Picked at this and that. Tried putting more stuff away. With all the crap piling up in the shop we’re running out of space to stow everything. Something’s got to give one of these days. Picked up a new gate at elevator on my way home. I finally got around to bringing wood in. One grocery cart full and four arm full’s. I never thought or better explained I wondered if my knees could finish the day. (Pain, pain, aggravation, pain) I did make it. And, after dark Handy had called asking if I’d bring in a deer he’d shot this evening. So this was my day.
Owwww! Got to write about this. Animals can be the craziest people. This very AM while I was moving about bringing the Cushman out, aggravating my knees rolling away the barn door from my way. The ladies came up to the barnyard fence to complain. Holy moley, they were demanding I make the grass grow something like six inches while I listened to their bawling. Just when did I start looking like a magician? BGKC.

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Paula said...

Animals can be demanding little creatures, can't they? I have been feeding a cat across the street once a day. Now she comes over here and meows her demands.