Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

Got up this morning cultivating thoughts to once more to plant corn next year here. It's been ten years since I harvested the last crop. Now with that thought in mind I see myself beginning to start squirting
a lot of oil upon rust frozen drive chains early-on well before the coming next spring's planter preparations part. How I enjoy Spring's planting putting me a-field to take in the musty smells of freshly worked soil, painfully filling the planter hoppers, for such short fun driven seed delivery runs to stop and load the planter all over again.
Autumn so colorfully short compared to the fleshed out limbs of the hardwoods corn picking is surely one of the better driven farm jobs. Harvesting is were the fun is. Deer running back and forth in the standing corn trying to avoid detection, And, a big and, watching all the wee little ballerinas spiraling off, dancing away, on lifting air currents should I hit the set stage's curtained milkweed pods. Then there is the golden color of the eared corn’s travel (especially if the sun’s shining) up a long open elevator into a tall storage bin.
Now, here’s sad part. These flames are consuming the last of the old rotted down corncrib.
That poor old decrepit corncrib may be missed, if for nothing else, how about just for the looks of it?
Perhaps chancing repeating myself, I immediately jumped up and out to do my part getting out of Herr Clink’s putting the turkey together way. My help must have been needed. When the bird had been prepared, ovened, baked well done, Frieda and I loaded it up and drove twelve miles to Miss Susan’s home were our households combined under one roof’s feasted to our hearts content. Me, to my bellies fill. Requiring my resting my eyes. Joining me was this sweet little girl named Lilly. Silly girl, I’ve no idea why she should take to me? Wait a moment?
Some months ago when Miss Lilly had come to live with Miss Susan she was kind-a shy, reserved, and within her own mind, held back. I remember getting down on the floor those some months ago and told her she simply had to broaden her horizons. OMG. She did just that. One sunny warm day miss Lilly slipped out on Miss Susan. She ran down the road. She didn’t go far. She didn’t need to. She found herself some mischief, for across the road was a Holstein dairy farm. Turning in the dairy farm driveway it didn’t take her long to find and make friends with some milch cows. And just to show the bovine ladies how happy she was with her meeting them she rolled in some offal so’s she could take some smells the visit with them home with her.
Upon Miss Lilly’s return home Miss Susan was not at all that happy with Miss Lilly’s obviously scented behavior showing Miss Lilly to the showers to wash her escapades scents right out of her hair. To this day Miss Susan has not forgiven me my part in encouraging Miss Lilly to live some beyond her immediate world. LMAO.
So here she is Miss Lilly taking a shine to me for having advised her when she needed a few words of encouragement in her now much happier life.
meet Lilly It never hurts to BGKC.


Donna said...

Now that's a good picture.

Paula said...

You had me going there. I was going to say maybe the little Miss thought you were Santa, then I find its a dog. Cute picture.