Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smelling good

She’s got to be up to something? First clue I hadn’t asked for this. The kitchen is smelling so good is my only clue. Opps! Just served the second clue. After a couple bites, they were whole wheat pancakes with whole kernel corn thrown in? The third and forth clues combined Her Mostess does not like whole kernel corn. It is good eating this morning while I anxiously a-wait for the fifth and last not so supple the hardcore clue. What does she want something? Money maybe? A ride? My taking her to Church?
Hmmm? Well, she’s started giving me orders. Nothing unreasonable nor difficult domestic requirements. Meanwhile, I nervously a-wait the high command. For now, until later. BGKC. Like, just in case I don’t make it back here today?
Herr Clink’s biggest headache

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Paula said...

Those whole wheat pancakes sound delightful. I suggest you do anything she ask.