Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting up in World

Combating dryness, I had a beer last night just before bed time. I got so relaxed the afternoon nap had only helped rest me up for last night's sound sleeping.
Soon's the frost melts and dries off I got a roof to fix today. Handy's insisted I no do it alone. I guess I wont be measuring my bounce's height without witnessed documentation.
Out of here looking for Handy we had somehow managed to go our ways. He had slipped out into the woods with a couple chairs to set for this weekends deer gun opener. Me, I had to fix fence the spring heifers had gone through again. Ray wanting me joining wires his way with a Western Union splice, I didn’t. My way I tied the well opened loose ends together with a square knot. Not an easy splice, but for me a much tougher one. We’ll know how well they've held up? I used two of them.
The lime spreader fixed, I sought out Tom to take the 2150 and handle the lime spreading task. I’d liked to have had some tractor play but my talents would serve the farm better used what I could better handle. It were late morning when I had finally caught up with Handy. We opted for sandwiches before tackling tenant house roof.
Still later
Getting upon the job, (hehe) myself getting up in the world; gosh, it took twice as many shingles as I had originally estimated. Regardless the need for more materials the roof is fixed for another year. Running ladders up and down the road Handy and I got them put away. And the ladder we failed to keep under control yesterday, I shortened it by about seven feet today. It is a bit more manageable now for next time! I had made that ladder out of real life 24’ fir 2”x4”’s. Wow, I doubt twenty four lumber of any kind's easily purchased now'a'days?????
Lets see? I could rattle on about some significant or more honestly an insignificant topic either about myself, my battered life (fun with Herr Clink), or working with either an animal or minerals or both dealing with the farm. But what I really don’t want to mention is how thoroughly screwed up my photo handling has become with Photobucket’s help, I worry.
Handy dropped off, wood-hauler in tow it was like I might just as well re-put the wood-hauler to use. I stopped by the tenant house, where oddly enough I was making fix the roof earlier today, then on the way towards home. The wood-hauler’s now standing motionless out in the darkness of night harnessed to Ugly already having taken on a number rotten chunks of fallen wood, some tree branches what had made up an originally in the way tree, and don’t tell anybody some pressed together saw dust I want to throw upon a burn pile with some more limbs needing picked up. Disregard the word “pressed” substituting something like “lumped” together instead.
Oh yeah, I remembered the one topic I had forgotten three times my only remembering it twice to begin with. So, having had a good day I’m going to, by the power of my pen, happily close without having falling off a house roof all daaaay. BGKC.

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